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What About the Vulnerable Who Will Never See Adoption?

While adoption is a beautiful response to God’s command to care for the fatherless, the large majority of children considered orphans will never be adopted.

Various factors like age, special needs, and life and country circumstances often cause children to remain vulnerable. These children face vulnerability to sexual exploitation, drug abuse, and slavery. Many end up unprepared for adulthood and have no knowledge of a Heavenly Father who loves them.


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You Can Help Provide Them With Gospel Hope

In 2009, (un)adopted ® was born with the vision to reach children labeled as “unadoptable” with the hope of the gospel.

This work takes shape through equipping caregivers with the knowledge of holistic care, providing children with job and life skills training, and serving alongside the local church already ministering to the vulnerable in their area.

James 1:27 Is a Call to Care for the Vulnerable

Let us help you find ways to use your time, talents, and resources to take gospel hope to those in need around the world.

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Country: Lesotho

Country: Belize

Located in Central America, Belize is known for its vast beaches but is rampant with poverty. The average age is 25 with many children in care. There is a need for pastors to raise up the next generation to care for vulnerable children.
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Country: Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic has one of the largest economies in the Caribbean and Central American regions, and it is known for its great biological diversity and tourist attractions. Despite all the country has to offer, the DR has various social issues resulting in many children needing care.
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Country: India

Home to over a billion people, with nearly 30 million orphans, India is ripe for harvest. Hinduism is the largest religion, and it is estimated nearly 95% of the country is still unreached. There are endless opportunities to share the hope of the gospel in this country rich with culture.
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Country: Pakistan

Bordered by Afghanistan and India, Pakistan ranks as one of the most persecuted nations in the world. Many Christians are isolated. Girls are seen as less valuable, exposing the need for gospel-centered care for young women in vulnerable situations.
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Country: Liberia

Like many countries in Africa, children in Liberia are victims of abuse and trafficking because of poverty and injustice. Consequently, these vulnerable children lack access to education, are often exposed to illnesses and diseases, and have little hope for the life or job skills needed to support themselves.
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Country: Uganda

Uganda, often referred to as the Pearl of Africa, is a country dominated by poverty and corruption. As the children of Uganda contribute to more than half of the country’s population, a great number of them are vulnerable to the country’s lack of education, unsanitary conditions, and risks of abuse.
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Country: Ukraine

Ukraine is a beautiful country in Eastern Europe with a distinct culture and abundant history. With a population of over 40 million people and its significant size, there are plenty of opportunities to serve this unique country.
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Country: Romania

Located in Eastern Europe, Romania is known for its beautiful landscape and historical castles. Although Romania has a challenging history, the country has worked to improve social systems to serve its people over the past 30 years. Even with the progress that has been made, there are many children and vulnerable families that remain in chronic poverty, leading to separation due to lack of resources. There are many opportunities all over Romania to serve children and families at risk of separation or social exclusion.
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Country: Colombia

Colombia is a beautiful country with diverse culture. There are 25,000 children in care (half reside in foster care, half in institutions). While about 5,000 could be adopted today, the remaining children are in need of gospel-centered care. The local church is a key component to achieving this goal.
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Want Free Training for Your Orphan Care Team?

Across physical borders and the various ministries we work alongside, one great need rises to the top — biblically-based trauma-informed training. Whether life skills training for orphans who are aging out of care, or caregiver training for those directly pouring into the vulnerable, we’re here to serve you. Through our Global Care Initiative, you’ll find dozens of courses, free of charge, to help you grow in your ability to give gospel hope to those in your care or area of influence.

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Our trainings are culturally-sensitive and not written from an “American mindset,” but rather a “biblical mindset.”

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Our trainings cover topics from trauma and loss, to the importance of a caregiver role, to practicing calming techniques.

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This free resource is created just for you as you care for the vulnerable around you.

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Support the Global Orphan Relief Fund in Haiti

Please join us in partnering with the local church in Maniche, Haiti, to help provide local communities with essentials such as food, drinking water, and hygiene items including soap, toothbrushes, and toothpaste. As these communities begin to rebuild, they need tents, blankets, wood, nails, and cement. Lastly, Haiti requires assistance in COVID prevention, needing masks, hand sanitizer, and first-aid kits.