Orphan Sunday

Lifeline Children’s Services wants to help challenge and equip churches, pastors, lay leaders, and families to share the reality, communicate God’s call, and find practical ways to respond to the plight of the fatherless.

Speak Up for the Voiceless

Each year, hundreds of churches dedicate one Sunday to advocate and raise awareness for the plight of the fatherless on Orphan Sunday.

Will you partner with us to speak up for the voiceless and seek to defend orphans and vulnerable children around the world? Lifeline has created a resource page full of videos, slides, handouts, a prayer card, sample sermons, small group guides, etc. We pray that these resources and partnership with Lifeline will bring great momentum to your church in caring for these precious children.

The Importance of Orphan Sunday

No One to Call “Family,” No Place to Call “Safe”

More than 140 million orphaned and vulnerable children need a caring family, loving support, and the only thing that is eternal — a relationship with Christ. Orphan Sunday is set aside to recognize the plight of these children and spur on all believers to action. We may not all be able to adopt or foster, but we can all do something.

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Other Ways to Help
Other Ways to Help
Thinking About Adoption?

We believe adoption is one way God provides families for vulnerable children who need to know the love of Christ, and the love of family. We desire to walk alongside Christian missional families through the adoption journey and provide them with resources as they love, nurture, and disciple their children.


Your donation can train and resource the Global Church to care for orphans, it can bring the gospel to vulnerable children, and can provide hundreds of resources and hours worth of support for those who are have adopted children.

Sponsor a Child

Advocating for waiting children all over the world is a necessary piece of orphan care and a way that anyone can help find Christian, forever families for children in need. Advocacy involves sharing information about a specific child available for adoption in your circles of influence.

Host an Adoption Information Meeting

Whether in-person or through a web conference, our team can meet with prospective adoptive families in your congregation who are interested in learning about domestic or international adoption.

We’re Here to Talk!

If you have any questions about Orphan Sunday or would like to connect with our team to discuss what Orphan Sunday can look like at your church, please reach out to us. We would love to come alongside you and your team!