Bringing Gospel Hope to Vulnerable Children through Child and Family Support

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Nurture. Heal. Grow. Lifeline’s Education & Counseling Team believes families are God’s designed place for nurturing and facilitating health in children so they can flourish.

We exist to support adoptive families, foster families, and others with cutting-edge techniques filtered through a biblical worldview. We seek to strengthen families and, in turn, influence a child’s environment. This work is not just for a season — our goal is to empower and support a family over a lifetime — from placement, to post-placement, to permanency.


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How We Can Serve you

Parenting is hard. Adoption and foster care often add another layer of difficulty. Children come with struggles outside of their control, and knowing what to do is overwhelming. At Lifeline, there are three forms of help available to you.


Lifeline counseling specializes in serving clients who are touched by adoption or foster care. We recognize there are unique challenges these families face, and strive to excel in those areas to meet clients where they are and help them thrive.

Parent Coaching

People launch into the journey of adoption and foster care feeling hopeful and excited. The preparation received varies greatly. Once the child is in your care, it can be hard to remember the training received. Our parent coaches are here to help you know how to apply the principles of therapeutic parenting to your specific situation.

Educational Support

This is a research-based, scientifically-tested cognitive program designed to strengthen working memory, processing speed, attention and visual/auditory processing.

Online Educational Courses

The Lifeline Educational Portal offers innumerable interactive courses to help equip and empower foster and adoptive families. Included in these courses are videos, resources, and activities featuring experts in the field of child welfare – counselors, social workers, trauma therapists, and more! Topics covered include common post-adoptive or foster care challenges, attachment style, navigating sibling conflict, and understanding trauma and grief seen in children.

Support for You and Your Child

We can help guide you to where you want to be

360 Degree School Certification

A 360 Degree School is a school that understands the influence and impact of trauma and anxiety on a student’s social-emotional, cognitive development, as well as academic performance. This year-long training and certification equips the school with purposeful instructional tools and strategies not only connect with students, but to address the adversity they face with their academics.

A 360 Degree Certified School equips the entire school community, from administrators to teachers, students to parents, and other staff. Through five training tracks, the school is trained with the tools needed to the social-emotional and cognitive needs of the community. The certification also strengthens staff, as they create a holistic learning environment for students and work toward a common goal of growth and success.

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