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When your children from hard places struggle to reach their potential in learning, it can be really difficult. But we’re here to support you as you help them learn in public, private, or homeschooling settings.

Seeing your child from hard places struggle in school can be really difficult.

Does your child struggle with working memory, visual or auditory processing, social skills, attention, critical thinking, or communicating ideas? Lifeline sees how many schools create a standardized approach to learning, and that might not be the best fit for your child from hard places. As you try to help your child reach their educational potential, you may be feeling frustrated, and at times, hopeless.

But there is hope! We not only serve the God of hope, but our God has allowed science in a 21st Century approach to help us know that our brains can change.

Bridge Educational Services: Creating Bridges from Frustration to Hope

The majority of children adopted or in foster care in the United States fit a common profile: they are older children with cognitive and developmental delays resulting from trauma, neglect, abuse, and/or impermanence.

Once settled into forever families, the challenges of these intellectual and developmental delays persist. Most of the available interventions for these children focus on emotional and behavioral challenges, but increasingly, this pain point for families largely goes unaddressed in traditional school settings.

Bridge Educational Services stands in the gap for families with techniques and resources to help children overcome learning challenges through cognitive fitness exercises. We are on your team as you help your child and navigate the challenges that come with helping your child get the best education possible.

Bridge Educational Services is ready to help children in public, private, and homeschool to to maximize their God-given potential.

Lifeline Educational Services
Lifeline Educational Services

Our educational support team at Bridge use a variety of academic, sensory-motor, and cognitive screening tools that can be helpful in highlighting your child’s giftedness and possible learning differences.

Bridge Plan

Based upon an informal screening, we prepare a Bridge Plan to help your family navigate meeting your child’s individual educational needs. This plan includes specific guidance for you regarding special education plans such as IEPs and 504 plans.


The Bridge team uses a variety academic and cognitive tutoring techniques and tools. Several of our therapist tutors are experienced educators who work to interweave cognitive developmental therapy and academic tutoring in order to serve the whole child.

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Camp Empower

Set up like a summer day camp, Camp Empower is specially crafted for children from hard places (and their parents). At camp, participants will be equipped to implement social-emotional learning and cognitive development.

Bridge School

Equipping the school community (administrators, teachers, students, parents, and other staff) to implement holistic learning with social, emotional, and cognitive-focused direction.

Bridge School Program

A Bridge School is a school that understands the influence and impact of trauma and anxiety on student’s social-emotional, cognitive development as well as academic performance. It equips the school with purposeful instructional tools and strategies, to connect, researched-based techniques to address adversity, and academic performance.

A Bridge School equips the school to implement the habits of the mind and soul within the learning community to address the emotional issues that inhibit the teaching and learning process. It strengthens the emotional capacity to create a holistic learning community. Equipped with social-emotional, cognitive focused direction, each spoke drives the school toward a common goal.

Bridge School Overview
Comprehensive Training

The training equips administrators, teachers, students, parents, and other staff.

In-Person and Virtual

Includes convenient and thorough trainings and in-class observations.

Valuable Certification

Certification enables the school to meet unique needs of the children enrolled.

Bridge School Overview

Camp Empower

Kids from hard places may find summer camp a little overwhelming. Where do they fit in? How can they best express themselves? How do they make friends? That’s why Camp Empower, a therapeutic trauma-informed day camp, can be a great fit for children with relational, emotional, or academic differences. Staffed by educators and licensed counselors who implement social-emotional learning and cognitive development, Camp Empower is a great place to be further equipped as a parent, and have fun with your children in the process.

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Birmingham, AL

June 21-24, 9:00 am – 1:00 pm

Raleigh, NC

July 15-17, 9:00 am – 2:00 pm

Cary, NC

July 19-21

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Meet Our Team

Learn all you need to know to earn your license in your state
Ann Maura Hinton
M. Ed.
Program Director – Bridge Educational Services
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Next Steps

Complete the Form

Fill out our inquiry form here and one of Lifeline’s Education Specialists will contact you to schedule an introductory call and complimentary consultation.

Get an Informal Screening

After an introductory call and consultation, we will set up a screening with you and your child. These are a fun and engaging way to assess your child’s needs. They also serve as a basis for establishing your Bridge Plan.

Review Your Plan

The Bridge team will then review the screening and offer you a step-by-step recommendation for an educational plan to meet your child’s unique needs.


“Bridge Educational Services and Ann Maura Hinton have been an answer to prayer for our family! After trying countless therapies, educational programs, tutoring, etc, our 8 year old child has benefited most from our time with Mrs. Hinton/Bridge Educational Services.

It has given her greater emotional regulation, improved her working memory, and enhanced her processing abilities.

The integration of emotional, physical, and cognitive therapies have been amazingly powerful for our daughter. She loves the books, games, exercises, and manipulatives that Mrs. Hinton uses and she looks forward to her therapy time every week. Mrs. Hinton’s experience, wisdom, intentionality, and patience have been such a gift to us, with the bonus that we’re able to do it all from the convenience of our own home. We are so grateful to Lifeline for offering the support of this invaluable service – it has been a game changer for our child and family as a whole! Thank you, Lifeline and Bridge Educational Services!”

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