Adoption is part of God’s redemptive purpose in the world, setting the lonely into families.

Though adoption is a beautiful representation of God’s love and care for His children, it also comes with its own set of struggles. Children from hard places often find themselves unable to communicate their needs, fearful of more loss, and unsure of who they can trust. For a parent, these trials can make an impact on each individual in the home, your marriage, and even your community.

But we’re here to walk with you, with support, resources, and trainings, God paints His picture of redemption through your family.

Counseling for Post-Adoptive Families

Parenting is hard. Adoption can add another layer of complexity. Children come with struggles outside of their control, and knowing what to do can be overwhelming.

Lifeline counseling specializes in serving clients who are touched by adoption. We recognize there are unique challenges these families face, and strive to excel in those areas to meet clients where they are and help them thrive. Reach out to us today for support for you and your family.s


Frequent Post-Adoptive Parent Topics

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Anxiety, Stress, & Worry

Behavioral Challenges

Conditions, Disorders, and Syndromes

Educational Support

Nutrition & Wellness


Physical & Sexual Challenges

Racial Reconciliation

Sex, Gender, and Identity

Training for Post-Adoptive Parents
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Courses on Post-Adoptive Parenting

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Media on Special Situations

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