Serving Romania Through Lifeline

Located in Eastern Europe, Romania is known for its beautiful landscape and historical castles. Although Romania has a challenging history, the country has worked to improve social systems to serve its people over the past 30 years. Even with the progress that has been made, there are many children and vulnerable families that remain in chronic poverty, leading to separation due to lack of resources. There are many opportunities all over Romania to serve children and families at risk of separation or social exclusion. Global Orphan Care partners with 4 like-minded ministries that are caring for the vulnerable in Romania.


REGEN Foundation

REGEN Foundation serves vulnerable children through homework clubs, food and clothes distribution, and discipleship programs. Historically, the Roma population has been excluded and discriminated against in Romania. Our partner works to bridge the gap by establishing lasting relationships in several Roma villages around the Fagaras area.

REGEN meets physical and spiritual needs on a weekly basis in these communities by coordinating Homework Clubs. The children enjoy a safe, stable environment and improve academic skills, but more importantly, they are exposed the Gospel. Our partner also serves young people who are aging out of orphan care by providing discipleship opportunities, life skills, and emotional support to help them successfully enter society as healthy adults and hopefully as believers in Christ too.

Bread of Life

Bread of Life is our second partner in Romania and this ministry coordinates feeding programs in 51 villages all over Romania, feeding more than 2,500 children each month! This partner also established an orphanage in northern Romania, where more than 100 children are cared for. In the last few years, our partner founded a transition program for teenagers in the orphanage, bringing them to Bucharest to live in apartments with a house parent who loves Jesus. These teens have the opportunity to study, learn life skills, and apply to universities or training schools in a larger city, all while living in a Christ-centered environment.

Since the war in Ukraine and the earthquakes in Syria and Turkey, this organization has also used its warehouse and supplies to provide relief aid to those fleeing war and natural disasters.

ARFO (Romania without Orphans)

Global Orphan Care also partners with ARFO, which is Romania Without Orphans. This ministry is focused on creating an organic movement among churches to care for vulnerable and orphaned children in Romania. Adoption within Romania has grown dramatically over the last 5 years, in large part due to the networking and advocacy work of ARFO.

Their movement includes churches and other organizations who share about the need, support adoptive families, lobby for changes to laws and policies surrounding adoption, and care for teens aging out of care.

Ukrainian Refugee Outreach

Global Orphan Care also partners with a couple that relocated to Romania to serve refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine. More than 100,000 Ukrainians currently reside in Romania, many living in or near Bucharest, the capital city. Families are separated by the war because men of military age cannot leave Ukraine, leaving mothers and grandmothers to care for their children in another country on their own.

This couple works with Romanian churches and organizations to serve at a refugee center, leading a discipleship group and providing interpreting services. Our partner has recently joined a small church of Ukrainians to invest in families and youth who desperately need community and Gospel understanding in their heart language. As the war changes, so do the needs of refugees, and our partners work to support the needs of vulnerable Ukrainians both in Romania and in Ukraine through relief efforts and family support.

Other Ways to Get Involved
Other Ways to Get Involved

Pray for the local church in Romania. Pray for local believers in country to support families and children in need as they share the gospel with their neighbors.


What's Happening in Romania

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