Serving Uganda Through Lifeline

Uganda, often referred to as the Pearl of Africa, is a country dominated by poverty and corruption. As the children of Uganda contribute to more than half of the country’s population, a great number of them are vulnerable to the country’s lack of education, unsanitary conditions, and risks of abuse. Global Orphan Care partners with 3 like-minded ministries that are working to care for the vulnerable in their communities.


Busega School for the Deaf and Blind

Global Orphan Care partners with King Jesus Church in Uganda and their school for the deaf and blind. Over a decade ago, Lifeline connected with a local Ugandan pastor whose church saw the need to care for the orphaned and vulnerable children in the area. In the many African communities, if a child is deaf, blind, or physically disabled, he or she is treated as a curse. The church felt called to minister to these children.

Children from the community are able to learn how to communicate using sign language. Most importantly, they are learning about the gospel of Christ and their value in Christ. They are being shown the love of the gospel through their local church. Members of the church are involved in the lives of these students and are learning sign language as well. Through our child sponsorship program, there is an opportunity to sponsor a student from the School for the Deaf and Blind.

Benjamin House Ministries

Benjamin House exists to provide donors, churches, and other groups an avenue to inspire hope across Uganda through the Gospel of Jesus Christ by transforming the lives of at-risk and vulnerable children, preparing them for their futures, and building up the next generation of leaders.

Benjamin House's programs include church planting, pastoral training, family sustainability sponsorship, savings-based loan programs, and family restoration with boys that have lived on the streets.

Pastor Ernest, Family Fellowship Church

Global Orphan Care also partners with Pastor Ernest in central Uganda. This pastor has a ministry that is focused on teaching vulnerable young men sustainability through agricultural programs. His farm serves as an apprenticeship-type program where the young men can learn valuable skills to support themselves, while building the community over all.

In addition the farm, the pastor and his church provide mama kits for pregnant women in the community.

Other Ways to Support
Other Ways to Support


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