Serving Colombia Through Lifeline

Colombia is a beautiful country with diverse culture. There are 25,000 children in care (half reside in foster care, half in institutions). While about 5,000 could be adopted today, the remaining children are in need of gospel-centered care. The local church is a key component to achieve this goal.


About our Partner

(un)adopted partners with a local church that is currently serving orphaned and vulnerable children in Colombia. Their church is committed to caring for vulnerable children and does this through various means. Their outreach includes: having fruitful relationships with both public and private orphanages, building a support network for foster families, and congregants opening their homes as foster parents.

The Need

Pastoral Conferences: Once a year, we hold a conference focusing on guiding local pastors through a study on the biblical mandate to care for orphaned and vulnerable children. Volunteers: The local church is committed to serving in a local orphanage where they help caregivers with the children and build relationships with both children and their caregivers. FANA (private orphanage): We currently provide training in foundation principles, trauma, attachment, and equipping skills to help the children placed in this orphanage. We are connecting the local church to support initiatives like family mentors. Colombia National Child Welfare System (ICBF): We serve the national foster care system by training foster families to help them understand where the children come from and the things they have been through (trauma, abuse, neglect and abandonment).

Other Ways to Get Involved
Other Ways to Get Involved


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What's Happening in Colombia

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