Country: Hong Kong Adoption

Age Range: 0-14 years old
Sibling Groups: Yes
Medical Special Needs: Minor to Significant
Marriage Length: 3 years
Single Women: Yes
Expat Accepted: No
In-Country Travel: 1 Week

We are currently seeing families matched with children under 5 years old with moderate to significant medical special needs. Families are matching with children 6 or older with minor to moderate medical special needs. We occasionally see families matched with sibling groups with a range of medical special needs and usually older ages.

Families are able to learn about children on the waiting child portal. Many waiting children will be older or have more significant medical special needs. Families can submit a matching request to our partner in Hong Kong. The partner in Hong Kong selects the family to move forward. Many families may be considered for one child. The final matching decision is made by the Social Welfare Department in Hong Kong after the family’s dossier has been submitted and reviewed.

The process of adopting from Hong Kong is estimated to take approximately 18 months – 3 years and depends on a family’s openness to age range and paperwork process time frames.

Families will travel to Hong Kong for approximately one week. The trip consists of a gradual bonding time, transfer of the child’s physical custody and cultural experiences. Lifeline has an amazing partner, called Mother’s Choice who walks alongside families each step of the way and provides support and translation services during your stay in Hong Kong. Families will enter a 6-month post-placement period upon returning home before the adoption can be finalized.

About Hong Kong

Lifeline has had the privilege of working in Hong Kong since 2013. Children in Hong Kong are under the care of the Social Welfare Department and Mother's Choice advocates for these children. We partner with Mother's Choice, and have a wonderful relationship with the team there! We have seen amazing growth in this program over the last few years and are so thankful for Mother's Choice's continued advocacy for more children to join families.

The Need

Hong Kong has a very active domestic adoption culture. However, finding forever families within Hong Kong for children with moderate or severe special needs or older children has been a challenge.

How You Can Help

Lifeline has the distinct privilege to advocate for international adoption exclusively for children who are older or have moderate or severe special needs.

Other Ways to Get Involved
Other Ways to Get Involved




What's Happening in Hong Kong Adoption

Pray for Hong Kong

One of the ways you can get involved in Hong Kong is to begin praying for the needs that are present there. Check back occasionally to see an updated list

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