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Hong Kong is a Special Administrative State of the Republic of China. Hong Kong was a British colony for many years before returning to Chinese rule in 1997. Approximately 7 million people inhabit the densely populated region. Hong Kong is known to be a melting pot of numerous cultures including: Chinese, British, Vietnamese, Americans and various other ethnic groups. Due to it’s long-term association with Great Britain, Hong Kong is very westernized and enjoys a high level of autonomy and maintains a separate political and judicial system from that of China.

The Need

Hong Kong has a very active domestic adoption culture. However, finding forever families within Hong Kong for children with moderate or severe special needs or older children has been a challenge.

How We Help

Lifeline has the distinct privilege to advocate for international adoption exclusively for children who are older or have moderate or severe special needs.

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The Apecena Family

Even now, the genuine care and support of the Lifeline staff has been a lifeline to us.

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