Resources for Fostering Families

We have resources available to help you and your community continue in the mission field of foster care.

expert GUIDANCE is available to you now

Life is full of challenges and disappointments. Don’t let these hinder you from seeking help.

Statistically, around 50% of foster families close their home to foster care within the first year. Most site a lack of support as the main reason they are closing their home. We want to provide you with resources and support so you can foster the entire time the Lord is calling you to do so.

Need Continuing Education Units for Your License?

Lifeline Children’s Services continues to strive for excellence in resourcing you as you walk through the process of fostering a child. We have developed a number of online courses, videos, programs, and activities created by experts in the field of child welfare – counselors, social workers, trauma therapists, and more! These resources will cover topics ranging from fostering your child who has behavioral issues, welcoming older children into your home, to understanding a child’s history and the impacts that have occurred as a result. We offer a few different ways to continue your learning in person, online and video.

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CEUs are taught by licensed professional counselors, social workers, and leaders in foster and adoptive care. But they also often feature foster parents, just like you!

Highly Practical, Research-Based Topics Covered

Get answers to all the questions you’ve had in your fostering experience through our extensive library of educational videos.

Online Course

The Lifeline Educational Portal offers innumerable interactive courses for you as you walk through the process of fostering a child. Included in these
courses are videos, resources, and activities featuring experts in the field of child welfare – counselors, social workers, trauma therapists, and more!

Fostering Hope

With over 400,000 children in the U.S. in state care, we are in the midst of a crisis. For the church, the most difficult aspect of foster care is knowing

Equipped to Love

Equipped to Love is a resource to help family and friends support the adoptive and foster families in their church.

Families Count

Families Count is a family restoration and preservation ministry designed to give local churches a platform to minister to the parents of children who have been placed into the local foster care system or at risk of entering it.

Parent Coaching

Supporting parents in their role toward becoming healing caregivers Parent Coaching is a service available through Lifeline Children’s Services for any parent who needs additional insight into their child’s behavior.

Heritage Builders

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Lifeline Connects

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How Lifeline Can Help

If you’re struggling with a child in your home, struggling to know how to talk with your spouse about how to handle a situation, or just need to know you’re not alone, don’t wait. Reach out to us today and find help through our services below.

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