Heritage Builders

Lifeline has spent the past few months laying the groundwork for our new program Heritage Builders. It was designed for people of the local church who desire to help care for teenagers who are aging out of foster care by partnering with them to pursue a purpose-filled path. Without support, many teenagers who age out may become homeless, imprisoned, pregnant, or trafficked.

From conducting meetings with county DHR directors and connecting with workforce development prospects, to introducing the program structure to churches, it is clear that God is carving a path for Christ followers to begin ministering to youth in foster care. One component of Heritage Builders, life-readiness trainings, has already launched. We have held four life-readiness trainings with the Jefferson County Independent Living Program for the youth. An outcome of these trainings is how volunteers are growing in care for each youth on an individual basis. The other two components of Heritage Builders, called advocates and resource connections, will launch later this year.

We are ready to equip you as you step into teenagers’ lives as advocates and as practical and spiritual mentors. Considering how far God has brought this new ministry in such a short time stirs our anticipation for what He has next in store for Heritage Builders.

Visit our foster care page for future updates on Heritage Builders.

Rachel Biddy

Written Content Specialist