Discipling Children from Trauma Backgrounds

Compiled by Jenny Riddle, with contributions from Traci Newell and Mark Sly When children enter homes from traumatic backgrounds, their lives have already been shaped by circumstances that make brokenness a part of their story. Difficulties children may have faced include medical…

National Foster Care Month: Opening the Doors of Conversation about Birth Families

Compiled by Jenny Riddle with Traci Newell, LBSW, TBRI® Practitioner, Education Specialist & National Program Director for Families Count For foster parents, talking with children in their care about their families may be uncomfortable, particularly when circumstances are challenging. As shepherds of…

Suicide Ideation

Suicide Ideation Of all of the struggles parents can face with their children, few illicit the same level of fear that comes with suicidal ideation. Talking about suicide is hard and uncomfortable, but necessary, so we ask that you bear with us…

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