June Monthly Focus: Alumni Families

June Monthly Focus

Why Alumni Families Are Important

Alumni families are invaluable! Their experiences and first-hand knowledge make them some of the greatest sources of encouragement and wisdom for others. Like-minded families, who have gone through similar circumstances, can be a beacon of hope for others who are struggling, overwhelmed, or find themselves in unfamiliar territory. Talking with someone “who’s been there” can be comforting in a way that is unmatched, even by experts. In the same way, alumni families understand the great need for families to be involved in caring for orphaned and vulnerable children. Their heart for caring for children is powerful and contagious. When alumni engage in ministry, they can be a source of hope and help for families, powerful advocates for children, and partners in reaching vulnerable children and families with the gospel.

Our heart for alumni families/how it looks through Lifeline:

Lifeline commits to walking with families through their adoption and foster care journey. The journey begins with much paperwork, training, and time, but it truly takes on new life when a family arrives home with their new child or a child is placed in your home. At this point, all of the theoretical and practical training become real life. Lifeline desires to be a continual and present resource for families, as they go through the ups and downs of their new family dynamics. We want to be there for our families–to be a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, a place to receive intensive care, people to rejoice with, and most importantly, a place where parents and families learn to disciple their children and show the gospel in their homes.

How alumni families can get involved:

  • Stay connected with Lifeline. Make sure you are receiving and reading Journey, our alumni magazine.
  • Contact our post-adoption team about serving as a mentor family for families who are adopting or our foster team for families who are fostering.
  • Contact your post-adoption social worker by email or at 205-967-0811 for ANY needs you may have as a family.
  • Participate or volunteer at any of Lifeline’s events, such as r(un) for one or Stand for Orphans.
  • Contact us about hosting an information meeting at your church.
  • Serve on a trip with (un)adopted.