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January 22, 2016 mpanik Blog

Upcoming  Trips

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 2018 Trips (these dates will continue to be finalized)

January: Togo; Uganda

February: Colombia (dates: Feb. 18-24)

March: Guatemala (dates: March 24-29)

April: Uganda (dates: April 16-24); Costa Rica; Haiti (dates: April 26-30)

June: Togo, Uganda (dates: June 4-12 FULL); Guatemala (dates: June 10-16)

July: Colombia; Dominican Republic (dates: July 7-14); Uganda (dates: July 23-31 FULL)


September: Costa Rica (dates: September 2-8); Uganda (OPEN, dates: September 10-18); Haiti

October: Peru; Colombia (medical trip, dates: November 24-29 or November 24-30)

November: Liberia, Guatemala (dates: Nov. 11-17); Uganda (dates: Nov. 26-Dec. 4 FULL)

December: Dominican Republic (dates: Dec. 2-9 FULL)

For more information on these trips, please email unadopted@lifelinechild.org.

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