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Host a child from Colombia in the summer of 2022

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Summer 2022 Program

Lifeline is thrilled to offer a Colombia Hosting Program June 26th – July 10, 2022. We are now accepting applications for families to host individual children or sibling groups from Colombia for two weeks this summer. This hosting program allows children who are eligible for adoption to spend time with a loving Christian family, while also experiencing American culture and learning some of the English language. Host families can host with the intent to pursue adoption or to become an advocate for their host child.

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Do you live in a Lifeline licensed state?

Host families must live in a state where Lifeline is licensed for adoption. Click the button to see if your state qualifies.

Complete the Pre-App

Completing this form indicates your interest in the Colombia Hosting Program. A Lifeline team member will follow up with you about submitting this form. Your application will be reviewed and, if all required criteria is met, approved.

Complete a Home Study

Your family will be contacted by a local Lifeline social worker to begin the home study process after your pre-app is submitted. Home studies must be approved by March 15, 2022. Home studies will then be translated and submitted to Colombia by March 25, 2022.

Additional Education

Your Lifeline social worker will assist you in the education process and will approve you to host. Lifeline will help your family prepare through education, logistics planning, and child-specific training.

During Evaluation

You will have the opportunity to review files of children in the program. You are able to write a letter requesting to host a specific child or sibling group that will be placed with your file. Colombia will review your file and could ask clarifying questions throughout the evaluation process to determine final approval to host.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Children will travel to host families and stay for two weeks in the summer of  2022. The two-week period will likely include the July 4th holiday. Exact dates will be confirmed soon.

The group of 10+ children will travel to the United States. Both boys and girls will be in the group and they will likely be older. They may or may not have a pre-identified medical needs and their age could be considered a special need, as older children are harder to place for adoption. Most will be individual children, with a few sibling groups with 2+ children.

Yes, the children selected by Colombia to travel will attend a pre-camp two weeks prior to departure. Hosting families will send photos and letters to the child to help their psychologist prepare them for their time with your family. There will be at least two video calls prior to the arrival of the child.

Your family will be asked to send photos and to video call with the child/children prior to their travel. While the child is in the United States, your family is to spend time with the child/children and give them a cultural experience. Children will be accompanied by a chaperone, typically a social worker or psychologist, that will observe and support both child and family. This chaperone will need a comfortable place to stay and meals in your home for 2-3 nights. After the child leaves, your family will be asked to decide if your family would like to pursue adoption or advocate for their adoption.

The Lifeline application fee for the hosting program is $300. Your family will be required to pay the $2,000 new home study fee, or the $500 fee to update a current home study. You may also incur additional out-of-pocket expenses for education, background checks and clearances, medical appointments, certified documents, and more.

You will not be responsible for medical care of the child you host. You are welcome to work with Lifeline to assist however you would like. Your family is responsible for covering all food and entertainment while he/she is in your home. Families will be responsible for the cost of COVID-19 tests for their host child/children prior to their return to Colombia.

Colombian authorities are authorizing this pilot program of the hosting program in the midst of the global pandemic, weighing the risk of international travel against the benefit of placing children in experienced homes. Colombia may be restrictive of travel during the program due to the ongoing global pandemic. Please disclose potential travel plans with your case worker during the home study evaluation to determine if travel while hosting will be permitted.

Colombia will consider domestic travel on a case-by-case basis.

Hosting a child is not a commitment to adopt. However, hosting is a wonderful tool to advocate for the child’s adoption. Host families should be open to adoption or committed to advocating for their host child.

Click here to review the Colombia adoption process, fee sheet, and guidelines. A letter of intent to adopt can be submitted 15 days after the child returns to Colombia. You will need to begin the adoption process with Lifeline’s Colombia adoption team immediately.

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