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Terms and Conditions

“In a recent directive from Department of State (February 2018), families will no longer be able to receive a “soft referral” (including submitting letter of intent or commitment documents) without a current, approved, international home study. Please take this information into consideration as you consider requesting information on waiting children.”

Please read and agree to continue.

As an individual concerned for the future of orphaned children, and as one who is considering becoming a parent to one of these children, I recognize the need to keep confidential the photographs/videos of waiting children.  The information/photographs/videos I receive access to will only be used for the sole purpose of adoption, abiding to the principle of confidentiality and in compliance with the legal provisions for personal data protection, the Law of the child’s country of origin, and the rule of the Hague Convention.

I am aware that it is inadmissible to publish information and/or materials about a child on the Internet without the access to this information and/or materials being controlled.  Therefore, I will not publicly “share” any child photograph/video or child information to anyone and nor at any time engage in such activity.

I will not speak negatively about these children nor post any negative comment on blogs, websites, or other media outlets that would in any way be seen as derogatory.  In the event I breach any of these terms, I understand that Lifeline’s Children’s Services may, in its discretion, discontinue its relationship with me resulting in my adoption being stopped, and I also understand any fees paid to that point will not be refundable.  Lifeline Children’s Services may, in its discretion, also file a court suit against me for breach of this confidentiality statement.

After submitting this confidentiality agreement, you will be directed to a webpage with information on each waiting child currently available for adoption through Lifeline Children’s Services along with video links for some of the children.

After submitting this confidentiality agreement, you will be emailed a password that will allow you to view the Waiting Children. This password resets quarterly, and you may be required to re-submit your information. Submitting this statement of confidentiality does not necessarily indicate that your family meets all of the requirements to adopt.  Please review specific country requirements and contact us if you have any questions by calling 205-967-0811.

NOTE: In several of our international programs (Brazil, Ethiopia, Haiti, Honduras, Hungary, India, Kyrgyzstan, Peru, Romania, and Ukraine), waiting children profiles are not available to review due to different reasons. These countries do not allow any information of the children who have been declared abandoned and are in the care of the central authority of adoption to be released on social media. There are strict privacy laws in play that will not allow the child/children’s confidential information to be released.  The central authority is seeking to protect the children’s confidentiality in this way. Therefore, if these countries have a child/children who do not have a family in process for them, Lifeline may be given the opportunity to approach families currently in process with the child/children’s information.   Also, the central authority in some countries will make the match for you to consider once your dossier is registered and approved.  The central authority in essence manages the waiting child list and does not open it to public viewing.