Our Mission

Lifeline’s Domestic Adoption team desires to partner with prospective families that are called to not only adopt and raise a child in a Christ-centered home, but to share the hope of the gospel with birth parents.

We’re firmly committed to discipling, encouraging, and supporting couples through the adoption process by equipping, educating, and praying for them at every step.

Our Values

Gospel-Centered  We seek to make Christ known and bring Him glory in all aspects of this ministry He’s given us. We seek to partner with families that have been transformed by knowing Christ and want to share this hope with others.

Excellence-Driven  One way we strive to bring God glory is by caring for families with excellence — going beyond the basics of helping a woman make an adoption plan, or helping an adoptive couple grow their family. Each individual should feel valued and confident in the services we provide. We are an advocate for both the expecting parents and the prospective adoptive parents.

Birthparent Reconciliation and Redemption  We desire for expectant mothers to know that their worth is not in how they see themselves or how the world sees them. We have been called to the ministry of reconciliation described in 2 Corinthians 5. As people who have been forgiven, we desire for men and women in unexpected pregnancies to know they can have unconditional love and forgiveness in Christ.

Holistic Care for Expecting Parents  We desire to know our expecting parents for more than just their unexpected pregnancy. We want to know their goals, hopes, fears, and struggles. By getting to know them holistically, we can empower them to make a choice that is best for them and their unborn child. We do this through 24/7 support, options counseling, connecting women to tangible resources, and post-placement support.

Holistic Care for Adopting Parents  We provide comprehensive education for families walking through the adoption journey. Our social workers seek to not just know the prospective families as adopting parents, but to know them holistically. The adoption process can be a difficult journey filled with many unknowns and heartaches. Lifeline is committed to discipling, equipping, encouraging, and supporting adoptive parents throughout the adoption journey — in the home study process, and through the waiting, matching, and post-placement phases.

Discipleship-Focused  We desire to disciple prospective adoptive parents as they seek to raise a child in a Christian home and minister to their child’s birth family. We desire to pray with the family, remind the entire family of the truths in God’s Word, and remind each family member of the bigger picture God is designing along the way. We desire to bear the burdens and rejoice in the victories alongside our expecting parents and our prospective adoptive parents, as described in Galatians 6:2 and Romans 12:15.

Next Steps

If you’re interested in moving toward domestic adoption, we invite you to complete a pre-application. The pre-application will all you to attend an upcoming domestic adoption webinar. This webinar will offer you a wealth of information and will address many of your questions regarding home studies, finances, fees, timelines, birth mother relationships, and more. Any family wanting to adopt through Lifeline must attend this webinar. After attending the webinar, you will have the opportunity to complete a domestic adoption application.