Domestic Adoption

Lifeline is here to support you as you seek to raise a child in a Christian home and minister to his or her birth family.


Every child needs a forever family who will point them and their birth family to Christ.

All people are made in the image of God and are valuable. Because of this, we know both birth family and baby are in need of gospel hope.

When an expectant mother chooses adoption for her child, Lifeline helps her as she chooses a family that will care for the child spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically , and who will also honor the birth family. When an expectant mother chooses to parent, Lifeline helps to connect her with tangible resources and tools, as they walk her through the gospel.


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Abortion permanently ends the relationship.

The statistics are staggering, as we see nearly half of all unplanned pregnancies ending in abortion.

We often see women who do not know all of their options. They may be interested in an option other than abortion, in order keep a relationship with their baby, but don’t know how open adoption works. We provide education to them on the open adoption process, which allows the birth mom to maintain a connection to their child.

2.8 million Unplanned Pregnancies in the U.S. Each Year
42% of Unplanned Pregnancies End in Abortion
<2% Choose Adoption

The Benefits of Open Adoption

For the Child

Able to see they were not abandoned and their parents made a loving decision for their life.

For the Birth Family

Affirmed in their decision and able to see that their child is cared for the way they desired.

For the Adoptive Family

Able to have connection to the truth of the child’s history and an opportunity to minister to the birth family.

“The Lord has handpicked the Lifeline staff with hearts for Him, the birth moms, and the adoptive parents. Thank you all for being so giving of yourselves, time, and talents.”

— The Sanders Family

“We appreciate the way Lifeline dealt with the challenges in adoption and really worked hard to deliver the truth, and didn’t try to paint a ‘rosy’ picture. Adoption is beautiful, but it can be challenging, and raising a child is work!”

— The Sullivan Family

“The education Lifeline provided us with, and the ability to hear from a birth mother, inclined our hearts in a new way of understanding birth moms. This paved the way for our relationship with our birth mother, and helped us know how to pray for and be in relationship with her.”

— The Myers Family

Walking with You Before, During, and After Adoption

We’re committed to discipling, encouraging, and supporting couples through the adoption process. We educate, equip, and pray for you at every step.

If you’re interested in moving forward in domestic adoption, we invite you to complete a pre-application. This form will allow you to attend an upcoming domestic adoption webinar. In the webinar you’ll find tons of information and find answers to many of your questions on topics like: home studies, finances, fees, timelines, birth mother relationships, and more. After attending the webinar, you will have the opportunity to complete an application into the domestic adoption program.

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Before – We Prepare You

We provide you with everything you need to know to prepare for your adoption. To get started, see the comprehensive info packet here.

During – We Are With You

When you get the call to go to the hospital, we will be there waiting with you to meet your baby. Read a few testimonials.

After – We Support You

Our relationship and support doesn’t end after you bring your baby home. We’ll be there to support your growing family and help you make further connections with your baby’s birth family.

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How to Learn More

Attend a Webinar

Every family must attend our domestic webinar before entering the program. You’ll find lots of helpful information here, and several answers to your questions.

Call Us

Connect with one of our domestic specialists by calling 712-986-6338.

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View our Info Packet

This contains several resources that will help answer your questions as you continue to consider God’s calling to adopt.


How to Fund Your Adoption

One of the biggest hesitations families express as they approach adoption is the financial cost. Lifeline is here to support you as you take the next step in faith. Find out more about our Hope Adoption Fund scholarship below. For more help, visit our resources page.


Commonly Asked Questions

As you consider adoption, there may be many questions that come to mind. Take a look at some of our commonly asked questions below.

How do I choose between domestic or international adoption?

Are you called to orphan care, or are you called to minister to birth parents? If you feel called to adopt an orphan, a child who would otherwise never have a family, Lifeline’s International program may be a good fit for you. Typically, the youngest child adopted internationally is around 2 years old. If you feel called to share the gospel with a birth mother and father, then we would love for you to consider domestic adoption.

The adoption process, both pre- and post-placement, can be challenging in many ways, so our goal is to prepare families to enter adoption equipped to handle both the joys and difficulties. Our program does have specific qualifications. We encourage you to sign up for a webinar or call us to discuss these qualifications further.

Lifeline offers a webinar for prospective applicants to learn about how our program works and our heart from birth parent ministry. After attending the webinar, you will be sent a link to the Lifeline application.

A home study consists of several face-to-face interviews where we get to know your family and spend some time in education and preparation for the adoption process. Topics of discussion include your motivation to adopt, your childhood, your current marriage and family dynamics, parenting philosophies, etc. We will also collect supporting documentation including medical forms, background clearances, birth and marriage certificates, etc. There is also an emphasis on adoption education and we spend time discussing your understanding of various topics such as transracial adoption, birth parent ministry, attachment parenting, and more.

We first provide options counseling and education. We want a woman in an unplanned pregnancy to freely weigh the pros and cons of each of her options. Often this means she will choose parenting as she gets connected to resources. If she chooses adoption, we help her think through what she desires in a family, in hospital time, and in an open relationship with her child’s family. We support her through pregnancy, birth, and for a lifetime post-placement.

Lifeline includes a flat agency fee that goes toward our birth mother services. This fee will not be altered based on the varying needs of an expectant mother that you may be matched with.

Because birth parents choose the family, it’s hard to say exactly how long it will take for your family. Most families wait about 2-4 years after home study approval, but some will wait more and some will wait less. This usually is determined by how open the adoptive families are in their preferences.

Lifeline assists expectant mothers, who would like to make an adoption plan, in thinking through what they want in a family for their child and what type of relationship they desire with this family. If your family matches a mother’s desires, we will send you a brief summary of the birth mother’s information and your family will then determine if you would like your family profile to be shown. If you accept, the birth mother will receive a profile book with pictures and information on your family to help her determine the family that most fits her desires. Occasionally a birth parent will request additional information or a phone call before making her decision.

That depends on when we are connected with the birth mother. Sometimes women call us right after they find out they are pregnant, but other times they call us from the hospital after giving birth. We typically don’t show profiles to birth mothers until their third trimester. Families receive info summaries of expectant mothers once they have a completed home study and education courses. This ensures that, if the family were to be chosen, they could accept a placement into their home immediately.

The amount of personal information shared between two parties varies, but an open adoption means that both parties desire communication and a relationship with one another, and they are intentional in seeking that out. Many different types of relationships can be called “open.” For some, it is exchanging phone numbers and scheduling regular visits, and for others it is exchanging frequent updates and pictures through the facilitation of Lifeline.


We require that all families be willing to meet the birth mother (before placement) and are willing to have an annual visit with the birth mother with the child present, as well as sending letters and pictures of the child for the first 13 years of their life through Lifeline. These are our minimum requirements. Even if the birth mother desires a closed adoption, we keep your letters and pictures in case she ever decides she wants to see them.

We have had many adoptions where the birth mother regularly (1-3 times per year) visits and has direct communication with their child and/or the adoptive parents. These relationships often mirror a relationship with a close extended family member. You will know the level of openness she desires before saying yes to having your profile shown so you can know if you are able to honor her requests.

Most adoptive parents go home with the baby directly from the hospital. We do have interim care providers available if the baby does not go home directly from the hospital. These are things your social worker will talk with you about on a case-by-case basis.