RACE for the Orphans RACE Grant Program (GA Residents)

The ongoing mission of RACE for the Orphans is Raising Awareness Compassion and Education about the needs of orphans around the world.  The primary way we do this is by hosting an annual 5K

Going to Hard Places

Kevin and Ansley Gwyn’s obedience to the Lord’s leading has allowed God’s hand to truly guide them on their adoption journey. As the family pursued the idea of adoption, they

Jeeah’s Hope

Jeeah’s Hope provides matching grants and/or interest-free covenant loans to families pursuing adoption. Jeeah’s Hope exists to help families along this God-appointed journey.  Through their partnership, with Lifesong for Orphans,

Life for All

Tami Blackford was adopted internationally from Haiti in 2003 and passed away in 2019. In loving memory of Tami Blackford, Life for All has dedicated a fund for families in

Love Gives

Love Gives provides a network of support for adopting families and offers helpful strategies and resources for fundraising. Working directly with churches, Love Gives is an organization that empowers thousands

Amado Collection

  Amado Collection Amado believes every child deserves a family and every family deserves a liveable wage. Their vision is to preserve and support families through their business. By providing

ONE17 Foundation

  ONE17 Foundation provides grants for families pursuing either domestic or international adoption. Their mission is to fund adoption STORIES that INFLUENCE OTHERS to ACT on behalf of the orphan

Milkglass Candle

      Milkglass Candle The partnership with Milkglass Candle Company is designed with adoptive families in mind. From sharable graphics to personalized links and goal setting, they will do

Woven Papyrus

    Home | Woven Papyrus Woven Papyrus works to remove the financial barrier through effective fundraising and scholarships. Each family served by Woven Papyrus will be given a coach

35K Campaign – Adoption, Family, Support

    35K Campaign – Adoption, Family, Support The 35K Campaign offers guidance to families journeying through the adoption process for the first time. In addition, program recommendations, fundraising ideas,

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