Amado Collection


Amado Collection

Amado believes every child deserves a family and every family deserves a liveable wage. Their vision is to preserve and support families through their business.

By providing high quality products in collaboration with local artisans and craftsmen, Amado seek to maximize opportunity by creating long-term impact that supports local families and protects vulnerable children.

Amado’s primary giving goes towards supporting adoptions. Like Lifeline, Amado views adoption as the ultimate solution for providing a vulnerable child with a loving home if family reunification isn’t possible. They do this by providing grants for families to help cover adoption costs 4 times a year.

Another initiative from Amado includes supporting children’s homes around the world that operate with a family-style orphan care model. Family-style orphan care differs vastly from the traditional approach of institutional care. By creating a model inspired by the nuclear family unit, with ongoing support for the local and indigenous house parents who remain committed throughout the journey, these children are set up for much greater levels of psychological, emotional, spiritual, and societal success. In cases where this model of care is not available, Amado looks to support organizations that come as close to the family-style care model as possible.