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Serving Colombia Through Lifeline

Colombia is a beautiful country with a beautiful, diverse culture. Globally, Colombia has an older reputation but it has come a very long way in its development. It is a safe country to travel to and spend time in. It has a deep history and culture is deeply embedded into each child we serve. It is critical to better learn the history and culture of Colombia to best understand your future child. It is also important that families know we see children of various ethnicities as well, including Latino/ Colombian, Afro-Colombian, Indigenous/ Native American, multi-racial, and more.

International Adoption

About Colombia

Colombia is a beautiful country with great diversity, and families enjoy the in-country stay when finalizing the adoption. It is a strong adoption program that has proven to be very stable over the years. As a country, it is very child-centered and pro-adoption. ICBF and the IAPAS deeply care for the children and work hard to provide the best care possible.

The Need

Colombia is deeply child-focused and loves to work in the best interest of children. While the care is not necessarily perfect, the country and central authority strive to best provide for its children. There are 25,000 children in care (half reside in foster care, half in institutions); and 5,000 of these children could be adopted today.

How You Can Help

Lifeline advocates and recruits families open to older children, sibling groups, and medical needs. We have seen more than 135 children come home since our program began in 2012, ranging in ages and needs. We work hard to prepare families adopting to ensure families are equipped to meet the needs of their children and to assist in a successful transition into a family.


 (un)adopted’s primary initiative in Colombia is partnering with local churches and other local ministries to fulfill the biblical mandate to of caring for the vulnerable. Renacer Baptist Church is a strategic partner who is currently serving orphaned and vulnerable children in Colombia. Their church is committed to caring for vulnerable children and do this through various means. Their outreach includes: fruitful relationships with both public and private orphanages, building a support network for foster families, and congregants opening their homes as foster parents.

(un)adopted would like to see this partnership, along with new ones, grow in the coming year. We have established a set of objectives we hope to accomplish to see more children loved and cared for. 

• Pastoral Conferences: Once a year, we hold a conference that focuses on guiding local pastors through a study on the biblical mandate to care for orphaned and vulnerable children.

• Volunteers: The local church has been committed to serving in a local orphanage where they are helping the caregivers with the children and building relationships with them and their caregivers.

FANA (private orphanage): We currently provide training in foundation principals, trauma, attachment and equipping skills to help the children placed in this orphanage. We also are connecting the local church to support initiatives like family mentors.

Colombia National Child Welfare System (ICBF): We serve the national foster care system by training its foster families to help them understand where the children come from and the things they have been through (trauma, abuse, neglect and abandonment)

What’s Happening in Colombia

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Colombia Financial Information

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