Country: Colombia Adoption

Age Range: 0-18 Years Old
Sibling Groups: Yes
Medical Special Needs: Minor to Significant
Marriage Length: 2 Years
Single Women: Yes
Expat Accepted: Yes, on case-by-case basis
In-Country Travel: 3-5 Weeks

We are currently seeing families matched with younger children who have a range of medical needs as well as children 9 or older with or without medical special needs. We also see families matched with younger sibling groups of two children with a medical special need. Families open to larger or older sibling groups are also matched quickly, as the children’s age and sibling group size is considered their special need.

Families are able to learn about children on the waiting child portal. Many waiting children will be older, larger sibling groups, or have more significant medical special needs. All matches occur after a dossier is approved by ICBF, however, families can submit a letter to the central authority with intent to pursue a child on the wait list. Families desiring to match with a younger child will begin waiting for a file after their dossier is approved.

The process of adopting from Colombia is estimated to take approximately 1-3 years and depends on a family’s openness to age range, special needs and sibling groups.

Families will travel to Colombia for approximately three to five weeks to complete their adoption. The trip consists of a bonding period, court process, and visa paperwork. Lifeline has an amazing in-country team who walks alongside families each step of the way and provides support during the stay in Colombia. The in-country team provides translation and guide services during families’ stay.

About Colombia

Colombia is a beautiful country with great diversity, and families enjoy the in-country stay when finalizing the adoption. It is a strong adoption program that has proven to be very stable over the years. As a country, it is very child-centered and pro-adoption. ICBF and the IAPAS deeply care for the children and work hard to provide the best care possible.

The Need

Colombia is deeply child-focused and loves to work in the best interest of children. While the care is not necessarily perfect, the country and central authority strive to best provide for its children. There are 25,000 children in care (half reside in foster care, half in institutions); and 5,000 of these children could be adopted today.

How You Can Help

Lifeline advocates and recruits families open to older children, sibling groups, and medical needs. We have seen more than 135 children come home since our program began in 2012, ranging in ages and needs. We work hard to prepare families adopting to ensure families are equipped to meet the needs of their children and to assist in a successful transition into a family.

Other Ways to Get Involved
Other Ways to Get Involved




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