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Lifeline has had an adoption program in Costa Rica since 2011. We are currently the only licensed U.S. adoption agency working in Costa Rica. We have a positive relationship with the central adoption authority (PANI), which is in favor of international adoption. Costa Rica is an excellent program for families open to children 7+ years old, sibling groups, or children of all ages with more significant medical needs. Children in Costa Rica are typically of Latino, Indigenous, or Afro-Costa Rican descent.

The Need

In Costa Rica, there are approximately over 4,000,000 people, with 30% of the population being children under 18 years old. (UN; INEC Costa Rica) It is estimated that 1 in 4 children live in poverty and approximately 8% may die before the age of 5. There is a great need for families willing to adopt older children (7-16 years old) and sibling groups of 2+ children. Many children are eligible for international adoption and are waiting for forever families.

How We Help

Lifeline advocates and recruits families open to older children, sibling groups, and medical needs. We have seen more than 85 children come home since our program began in 2011, ranging in ages and needs. We work hard to prepare families adopting to ensure families are equipped to meet the needs of the children and to assist in a successful transition into a family.

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Family Testimonial

The Rainer Family

I will not forget the day our children were told about us. Their social worker explained that our son looked at his sister and said, “I told you one day we would have a family. God has answered our prayers.”

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The Grant Family

We have discovered that adoption, like childbirth, is a miracle, and the process of bringing your children home is simply the beginning of the journey.

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