Pray for Costa Rica

One of the ways you can get involved in Costa Rica is to begin praying for the needs that are present there. Check back occasionally to see an updated list of prayer requests for this country.

Prayer Points

Pray for the Lord to bring forward new mission-minded Christian families to pursue adoption from Costa Rica that the children can be loved and discipled in forever families.

Pray for the families who have answered the call to adopt from Costa Rica and are currently waiting. May they be strengthened and encouraged throughout their process.

Pray for each family who is working hard to be matched with their child/ children. Pray for peace & endurance, and that they’d use this time intentionally to prepare their families for what’s to come.  

Pray for post adoptive families who are caring for and ministering to their children from Costa Rica. Ask the Lord to bless their bonding and attachment, and for discipleship opportunities to continue. 

Pray for the children waiting to be adopted from Costa Rica. May the Lord offer them his comfort and peace and they wait for a family to pursue them. 

Pray for the caregivers in the foster homes, group homes, and orphanages who are serving the waiting children. Ask for consideration and care as they are pouring into the children. 

Pray for the local church in Costa Rica. Pray for local believers in country to support families and children in need as they share the gospel with their neighbors. 

Pray that the Lord would provide the central authority, PANI wisdom, encouragement, & resources as they evaluate children/ families and work hard to advocate for better processes, too. 

Specifically, we’d love to pray for our major contacts there and lift them up to the Lord as they have big jobs with limited support: adoption director, lead adoption psychologists, and social workers; the Protection Unit: oversees our licenses for unadopted, mission trips, & trainings; regional offices.

Pray for the local churches, missionaries, and organizations in their efforts to share Christ in their communities and care for the children & families of Costa Rica; Missionaries who run the Methodist Home and are partnering with us for adoptions & unadopted; Missionaries who run the Abraham Project and partner with us for adoptions; Casa Viva (this is a Christian non-profit that is running the entire foster care system for the country).

Pray for our team member, Oscar as he develops relationships with local pastors & congregations  

Pray for wisdom and opportunities for (un)adopted as we plan for future care giver and foster care trainings as well as mission trips. The Lord is doing some really big things! 

Pray for the children in Costa Rica, that they may learn of their Heavenly Father and that He will comfort them in their distress. 

Pray for advocates to arise to love, care for, and help them. Many children spend years in care without receiving abandonment decrees due to a failed system. Let’s pray the Lord raises up the right people to fight for them and help them be reunited to their families or forever adoptive families. 

Pray for some of the young children who have significant special needs – May God send just the right family to care for them and pursue their adoptions. 

Pray for the families who are already home with their children as they adjust, care for, support, and seek resources for their children. Pray for wisdom, rest, and perspective for the parents. 

Pray for the children’s hearts as they process their hurts and that they would find comfort and healing through Christ.