Country: China Adoption

Age Range: 2-16 years old
Sibling Groups: No
Medical Special Needs: minor to significant
Marriage Length: 2 years
Single Women: Yes
Expat Accepted: Yes
In-Country Travel: 2 weeks

We are currently seeing families matched with children 18 months to 4 years old with moderate to significant medical special needs as well as children 5+ years old with minor to moderate needs.

Families are able to match with a child that is older or with more significant medical special needs at any time after their home study is finalized through the Shared List. If you desire to match with a child that is younger (4 and under) or has a minor medical special needs, your dossier would need to be completed and submitted to the CCCWA.

The process of adopting from China is currently unknown. Before the COVID-19 Global Pandemic, the process would take approximately 18 to 24 months. Estimates to complete an adoption are unknown due to an inability to travel to China for the purpose of completing an adoption at this time.

Families will travel to China for approximately two weeks to complete their adoption. The first week will be spent in your child’s province and the second in Guangzhou, China where the US Consulate is located. Lifeline’s English-speaking guides will assist you with adoption matters, transportation, and sight-seeing during your stay in-country.

About China

Lifeline has had an adoption program in China since 2000 and maintains a positive relationship with the CCCWA (China’s central authority on adoption), working with orphanages all over the country. China allows families the opportunity to pursue the adoption of children with minor to significant medical and developmental special needs. Historically, China has been Lifeline’s largest international adoption program.

The Need

Since Lifeline has been working in China, the majority of children that we advocate for are children with medical special needs, ranging in age from 2 to 16 years old.

How You Can Help

Lifeline advocates and recruits families open to medical special needs and varying ages. We have seen over 1500 children come home since 2000. We work hard to prepare families for adopting a child with medical special needs so that these children will have a successful transition into a forever family.

Other Ways to Get Involved
Other Ways to Get Involved




What's Happening in China Adoption

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