Lifeline is committed to walking with families through all phases of foster care and adoption.  The Crossings team is made up of multiple professionals who are passionate about helping guide families through their foster or adoption journey. The primary principle involved in what we do is the Biblically-based value of bringing glory to God as He uses our team to meet the needs of children who have been adopted or who are in foster care and their families. Lifeline’s desire is to assist children and families to thrive, not just survive.  One of Lifeline’s core principles is to disciple families through each step of the foster and adoption process. The post placement/adoption period is a focal part of this process. The Crossings team is committed to help guide families as they parent children from difficult places, providing the support they need to ensure successful placements. One of Lifeline’s goals is permanency for children, and we seek to fulfill this goal in our fostering and adoption ministries.


The International Post Adoption Department has several team members who are ready to assist as families prepare to travel and once they arrive home with their child(ren).  The Post Adoption Department helps in various ways including (but not limited to):

  1. facilitating the required, country-specific post adoption reports,
  2. supporting families when they face challenges regarding their children, and
  3. being a sounding board and/or for counseling when needed.

Following are the descriptions for each team member:

  • The Post Adoption Coordinators oversee all issues for our families who adopt internationally and coordinate the services we provide for our contract families (families who contract with Lifeline for post adoption visits and reports). The Post Adoption Coordinators make their first contact with a family by phone prior to travel to discuss what can be expected the first days after the child’s placement, and to describe the Post Adoption Department, the Post Department resources, and how we can serve them in this part of their adoption journey. At times the Post Adoption Coordinators support families while they are in country through emails and skype.  Once they arrive home the families receive a welcome home call from their Post Adoption Coordinator and they discuss how they are doing, and what needs they might have.  They then send an email which includes a schedule of the dates of the required post visits, and gives other resources that are helpful in the early days and months home.  The Coordinators continue to support families and their local workers with resources throughout the post adoption journey.
  • The Counselors are trained in a variety of therapies and work with children and families in many ways.  Counselors are available to meet with prospective adoptive parents prior to adoption to assist with any needs they have in preparing themselves for the journey ahead.  They often meet with parents to build on strengths and explore areas of growth needed as a result of the Prepare/Enrich tool that is a part of the home study process.  They provide individual and family counseling post adoption when any number of issues arise. They are also a vital resource in our reunification counseling as adult adoptees prepare to meet biological parents/family.