A Common Inheritance

By Rachel Biddy Boasting the same big, brown eyes and tan complexion, six-year-old Tatiana López closely resembles her mom, Karen López. Coincidentally, Tatiana and her dad, Hugo López, were born in the

Back-to-School Roundup

You may have your school supply list purchased, or you may not be ready to think about pre-sharpened pencils and notebooks yet. No matter which of these two categories you

Fear, Pride, and Being the Worst

One Mother’s Journey to God’s Transforming Joy By Jenny Riddle When the wind blows ferociously or the waves batter relentlessly, the roots of a plant are what firmly grasp the soil

Traveling with Children Who Have Been Adopted or in Care

The Challenges of Travel for Children from Adoption or in Care Routine and consistency provide stability and structure for children. Consistent expectations help children feel emotionally and physically secure, especially

Faith, Family, and Leather

Leaving a Lasting Heritage for the Glory of God Written by Jenny Riddle Companions since childhood and sweethearts since high school, Rick and Coleen Holtz held the ideas of heritage

Joy’s Story

Joy was born to a family in Taiwan who was unable to provide care for her. Because of Joy’s special needs, domestic adoption became elusive, causing her to wait for

A Future Legacy

Adam Rhoades and his wife Heather are parents to five children, all of whom came home through international adoption. The Rhoades came to know Lifeline during their third adoption, from

A Present Legacy

When adoption or foster care touches friends and family, it sheds light on the needs of vulnerable children around the world and the opportunity to be part of bringing gospel

Fostering Legacy

Written by Jenny Riddle With Tiernan Courtney When Tiernan Courtney was ten years old, her parents became aware of the need for more foster families in their area. Both sensing

Kid-Friendly Gulab Jamun-Inspired Dessert

By Malinda Nichols, Lifeline India Mom Gulab jamun is a traditional Indian dessert often enjoyed during India’s big autumn holiday of Diwali. Essentially a deep-fried donut hole, Gulab jamun are

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