As a foster parent, you will undergo the unavoidable effects of entering into the suffering of others.

Opening your home, heart, and life to a child who comes from trauma or adverse circumstances is one of sacrifice and intentionality. To care well for these children, you must care for yourself. We’re here to provide support, training, and resources that will help you learn the signs of compassion fatigue, burn out, and secondary trauma, while offering practical tools to ensure you can continue to help those in your care heal without crumbling yourself.

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Anxiety, Stress, & Worry

Attachment Issues

Behavioral Challenges

Conditions, Disorders, and Syndromes


Grief, Loss & Tragedy

Pandemics & Natural Disasters

Physical & Sexual Challenges

Self-Harm & Suicide

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Resources for Foster Families
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Counseling for Foster Families

Caring for children from hard places impacts the whole family. Our professional Counseling Team is equipped to serve you, your spouse, your biological children, and family members.

Trained in various therapy modalities, paneled with several insurance companies, and located in multiple locations, our counselors are here to support you.

Bridge Educational Support for Foster Families

Does your child struggle with working memory, visual or auditory processing, social skills, attention, critical thinking, or communicating ideas? Lifeline sees how many schools create a standardized approach to learning, and that might not be the best fit for your child from hard places. As you try to help your child reach their educational potential, you may be feeling frustrated, and at times, hopeless.

But there is hope! We not only serve the God of hope, but our God has allowed science in a 21st Century approach to help us know that our brains can change.


Courses on Foster Parenting

We offer several courses covering a wide range of topics for special foster care situations.


Media on Fostering Situations

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