Lifeline’s Harbor Families temporary hosting ministry exists to extend the hope, restoration, and love of Jesus Christ to children and families experiencing a crisis. Harbor Families is currently offered in South Dakota.

All families need support to survive and thrive, but not all families have access to strong informal supports in their communities. Many are struggling and suffering in isolation. Families in crisis experience higher levels of stress and their children are at greater risk of abuse and neglect. 

Through Harbor Families, Christ-centered host families provide temporary, short-term care to children and support parents working through a crisis.  

The physical, emotional, and spiritual support provided through host family relationships, coaching, church, and community resources are intended to prevent the need for formal services, such as involvement in the child welfare/foster care system.    

Engage in Harbor Families

For the Child

The intention of this ministry is a focus on family strengthening, increasing parental protective factors and increasing a child’s safety and security.    

For the Church

Lifeline seeks to close the gap between local churches and isolated families in crisis. The local church can engage with those who are most vulnerable and hurting in their communities to preserve and strengthen families through the power of the Gospel.  


The ultimate solution to any crisis is Christ. Those by Jesus are called to live out the ministry of reconciliation (2 Cor. 5:18). Caring for hurting families includes showing Biblical hospitality by providing quality homes that show the love of Christ to children and families in crisis.


Volunteers are trained to continue the relationships formed, offering support, guidance and discipleship to families long after the hosting has ended. 

The Vision

Lifeline’s desire is that the body of Christ, the Church, would be the hands and feet of Jesus to families in crisis. Although everyone may not be called to be a host family, everyone can play a significant role: taking meals to host families, babysitting, discipleship opportunities, providing parents’ night out activities, and committing to pray for specific children and families. This holistic approach to ministry has the potential to impact individuals, families, and communities through the transformative power of the Gospel.