Next Steps

Interested in becoming a licensed foster parent or respite provider in Alabama or South Carolina? See the process and State standards in the blue banner below, or click “Get Started.”

If you’re interested in becoming licensed outside of AL or SC, check out our Fostering Hope resource as you connect with your local child protective services department.

GET STARTED in Foster Care in Alabama or South Carolina

Lifeline’s Foster Care team has created and recorded numerous continuing education classes (CEU’s) covering a variety of topics to support foster parents in any location. We provide CEU certificates for each of these recorded classes. To determine if your licensing agency will accept the CEU, send them the link and description of the class. If approved, send the CEU certificate after completion of the class.

Watch Foster Care CEUs by Lifeline

The Need

There are more than 400,000 children in the United States Foster Care System on any given day. These children need temporary homes while their birth families work on goals that will prepare them for eventual reunification.

The need for licensed foster families is made evident when looking at the sheer number of children needing placement, versus the number of available families to care for them.

Though many children are reunified with their families, about 10-20 percent of those children must re-enter the foster care system because the birth families are not equipped, prepared, and supported.

This process is a seemingly hopeless cycle for these children and families. They need to know God created them. They need to know they have value; and that there is great hope found in Christ.

Our Mission

Lifeline’s Foster Care ministry exists to equip the Body of Christ to manifest the gospel to vulnerable children. We seek to extend grace, compassion, and the love of Jesus Christ to children and birth families in the foster care system. We believe that every child placement is a unique opportunity to minister to the physical, spiritual, and emotional needs of a child, and in many cases, the birth family.

We believe that a child’s needs are best met under the guidance of Christian foster parents who can ensure the safety, well-being, and development of children during a time of great uncertainty in their lives.

Our desire is to help lessen the burden of child welfare agencies in recruiting foster families by partnering with local churches to recruit, train, and support these families.

Our Model

Lifeline’s hope is that the Body of Christ would be the hands and feet of Jesus to children in foster care, their birth families, and other professionals that serve them. We provide both pre- and post-licensure training to foster families. Lifeline also offers training for local churches to equip the Body of Christ to care for these children and families.

Although every person may not be called to foster, everyone can play a significant role by taking meals to foster families, mentoring birth families, providing appreciation luncheons to state caseworkers, or committing to pray for children by name.

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