Fighting for Family

families count ladies

As Mother’s Day approaches us, we at Lifeline love to celebrate the strength of mothers who fight for their families and love courageously. Allison is one such mom. She is a recent graduate of a Families Count class hosted by a church in Birmingham, Alabama. Her story is one that, like many, includes a battle with addiction. Although separated from her daughter temporarily, she is fighting this battle in the power of Christ. Hear in Allison’s own words what the Lord can do in every parent’s heart and how He is using His Church in this ministry of reconciliation. The following is taken from a visit between Allison and her daughter, Aubrie:

Aubrie: “Mommy, you’re pretty!”

Allison: Thanks, Aubs, so are you.”

Aubrie: “Yep, ’cause God made us!”

Allison: “This conversation was on Wednesday night. My heart is so full! [This] is the reason for Families Count. God is so great! He is asking me to work with this program because if He can change this addict’s cold heart and be the center of my family, He can do it to anyone. He deserves all the glory of this miracle! I must share the love of Christ with others . . . what greater joy is there in life than the fulfillment of Christ in us, in our families, and in everything we do? We don’t have to live in fear with our amazing Father walking with us. Thank you for fighting a battle that changed my life.”

In Families Count, moms and dads in the foster care system and/or those at risk of losing custody of their children learn of their inherent value as image bearers of God and of His purposes for family. Starting with these simple truths from God’s word creates the framework for how parents are meant to view themselves and their children. We are seeing more parents like Allison return to the ministry to serve other moms and dads completing Families Count.

Find more information about Families Count and contact us about becoming involved with this ministry on our website.

Written by Traci Newell, Lifeline Education Coordinator.