Families Count

A family restoration and preservation ministry for parents seeking permanency with their children.

As financial pitfalls, drugs, alcohol, stress, depression, and other barriers invade a family’s life, many parents find themselves at-risk of being separated, or already separated, from their children.

The median amount of time a child spends in foster care is just over one year. We know through research statistics that a child who grows up without a stable home environment and without parents is more likely to have negative socio-economic, cognitive, and academic outcomes.

We also know God designed the family unit as a place of healing and safety for children. And a broken family needs the support, healing, mercy, and guidance from God’s people.

Through Families Count, local churches have a platform to minister to and walk with broken families to help them be restored and preserved.


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Families Count Graduates in 2023


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What Makes Families Count Unique

For the Family

Parents seeking family restoration may be required to complete a parenting class and can elect to participate in Families Count, a 6-week, biblically based class and mentoring ministry.

For the Child

Children are not only impacted by the growth and healing they see in their parents, but are often also able to attend church activities while their parents are in class.

For the Church

Families Count equips church members to minister to at-risk families, and provides a platform to reach them.

“This ministry has been such an encouragement to me and my co-coordinator. Both of our families foster and being involved in this class gave us renewed focus and reminded us that just like us, these parents and families must have Jesus at the center. He is the only one who can redeem these families and bring them together again. We are so thankful for this ministry and the opportunity to be a part of something that can bring so much hope to hurting families.”

— First Baptist Church
Trussville, AL

How Families Count Changes Lives

In South Carolina, Casey and Brittany were in a rough home situation. The South Carolina Department of Social Services intervened and took their children while Casey was at work. For mom and dad, it was a dark time — filled with shame and feelings of failure. But they were given the opportunity to participate in Lifeline’s Families Count for one of their court-mandated parenting classes. Hosted by Freedom Church in Moncks Corner, the class ended up being a place of safety for the couple where they could openly talk about how they could improve their lives. Over the weeks, their marriage strengthened. Walls were torn down as they received the care and community they so desperately needed. As the class came to an end, the couple regained full custody of their children and began attending Freedom Church — making it their first home church ever.

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6-week biblically-based parenting class

Positive Outlook

Curriculum focuses on family strengths and purpose


Opportunities for families to be matched with a mentor

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Our God Is a God of Restoration

How Families Count Can Help You In Your Journey of Restoration

Next Steps

Educate My Church

The first step in engaging your church is understanding the goals of foster care and the role of the Church in family restoration.

Enroll in a Church Training

A two-day training prepares Families Count Coordinators and Class Co-Leaders to partner with Child Protective Services and at-risk parents.

Become a Licensed Families Count Partner

Once licensed, our partner churches are positioned to implement Families Count in their respective communities.


Find a Families Count Church Training Near You

This training is a prerequisite for licensure as a Families Count church partner. It is recommended that class co-leaders (husband and wife), class coordinators, and Pastor overseeing your Families Count ministry attend the training.

Co-Leaders and Coordinators must attend in order to be certified.

A 10-minute video orientation is required before participation in a church training. Access the video orientation here!

Contact Us

If you or your church wants to get involved in this life-changing work, but you aren’t sure where to start, reach out to us today. We’re ready to help you and your family of faith minister to those hurting in your community.