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Taiwan is a small country with a population of only 23.46 million; however, it is not immune to the orphan crisis. Taiwan is not a member of the Hague Convention, which makes the process of adopting from Taiwan unique and, at times, uncertain. In fact, a Taiwan adoption process resembles that of a domestic adoption process. Birth families are often actively involved in the adoption process, which is uncommon in international adoption. However, the involvement of the birth families gives adoptive families a unique opportunity to minister to a birth family who lives oceans away.

The Need

Out of the 6,441 incoming adoptions to the United States in 2014, only 69 of those were adoptions from Taiwan.

How We Help

Lifeline is committed to seeing those numbers increase by being faithful to God’s calling to advocate for the orphaned in Taiwan, especially older children and children with more moderate to severe medical special needs, and by walking families through the process of adopting children from Taiwan.

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What's Happening in Taiwan

Program Overview

  • Age Requirements for Parents: 30 to 50, but exceptions are sometimes made
  • Number of Children in Home: Max of 4; must maintain birth order when adopting children 6 years old and younger; youngest child must be one year old
  • Length of Marriage Required: 5 years; singles are not eligible to adopt from Taiwan
  • In Country Travel: 4 to 10 days
  • Number of Trips Needed: 2
  • Age of Children Available: The age of children span from 18 months to 14 years old, but many of the children are older than 3 years old.
  • Sibling Groups Available: Yes
  • Special Needs Children Available: Yes
  • Average Time of Completion: 15 to 18 months
  • Post Placement Reports: 4 reports are required in the first year and one for the next 5 years; however, reports are often required beyond 5 years

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