International Adoption Continues As Borders Open

By Jenny Riddle

We are praising the Lord for His continued providence for children and families in our international adoption programs in the middle of this pandemic. Although travel has slowed significantly for everyone, we have seen God at work in bringing children home. Processes are progressing, and borders are continuing to open. 

Celebrate with us as we see glimpses of how God is working in several of our country programs.  

Colombia & Latin America: 

Despite the current travel ban, Colombia has permitted adoptive families to enter the country on humanitarian aid visas and flights. We are excited that five Colombian families have already traveled in the past week and we hope to facilitate more this month. We are incredibly grateful for these open doors for families to unite with their childrenPray with us for smooth, safe travels for families and protection for the children there.  

Also, all of our Latin America countries are working with families through the adoption process.Costa Rica recently allowed families to travel in the middle of the travel ban, and we are praying that more and more countries will make paths for children to join their families. 

You can find more information about adopting from Colombia or Latin America here. 


Eurasia is an area where we have seen some travel take place during the pandemic. From mid-June until now, we have seen five families travel to Bulgaria and eight kids come home. Through technology, three Bulgaria families have been able to have a virtual trip meeting with their children. Two families are in Hungary; three families are preparing to travel to Hungary; and one family is getting ready to travel to Poland. A family received their court date in Bulgaria, and one family passed court in Kyrgyzstan. Overall, God is working out amazing things to bring children home to their families.  

If you’d like to be part of the growing Lifeline Eurasia family, you can find more information here. 


Families in Lifeline’s China program have been navigating COVID-19 and its challenges since late January. Very unexpectedly on January 24, nine Lifeline China families were told they were not traveling to China to meet their children despite being packed and ready to go. Lifeline’s China team immediately began working fiercely, looking for solutions daily for the now approximately 40 families that have seen their process paused at travel. International travel has not yet resumed for families in the process of adopting from China, but the program remains open, is processing, and the need for families to adopt waiting children from China remains. Families can process and be ready to travel when travel resumes. If your family would like more information on beginning the adoption process for China, you can find it here. 

In the interim, we have seen the Lord work in many ways. Lifeline’s China program provided more than 5,000 masks to children and caregivers to orphanages in China. We were also able to send vitamins, hand sanitizer, and four air purifiers — all vital items to caring for the children throughout the COVID-19 outbreak. Another miracle we witnessed was watching the Lord work through the immigration process in the U.S., foreign governments, and a lot of paperwork to see a young girl be adopted before her 14th birthday – when she would no longer be eligible for adoption in China. This was no small feat during a pandemic, and we are so grateful that this precious girl will eventually have a family traveling to bring her home. 


Families in the Taiwan program are able to complete their adoption process and travel. Families must quarantine for two weeks after entering the country and can then proceed with meeting their child and bringing him or her home. One of our staff members will be traveling with a family soon as they complete their adoption in country. An additional family will travel to meet their daughter and bring her home in September. 

Normal processes are proceeding, and Lifeline received four new files in August. We are excited to see what all the Lord has done and will do in Taiwan. You can find more information about adoption from Taiwan here. 

Hong Kong: 

Adoption processes continue to move forward for families in the Hong Kong program. Two families have recently received matching approval, and one family was able to meet their daughter for the first time through Skype in August. With two more files received in August, we can’t wait to see how God provides families for these children. If you’d like to learn more about adopting from Hong Kong, connect with us here. 


Although travel to India has been halted for months, the adoption processes continue. Since March, even through pandemic closures and quarantines, we have had 19 families and children matched. We are hopeful that travel for families will open soon! If you are interested in learning more about adopting from India, you can find information here.