Country: Peru Adoption

Age Range: 2-18 years old
Sibling Groups: Yes
Medical Special Needs: minor to significant
Marriage Length: 2 years
Single Women: Yes
Expat Accepted: No
In-Country Travel: 6-8 weeks

We are currently seeing children up to 8 years old with moderate to significant medical needs and 9 years or older with or without medical special needs. We also see sibling groups varying in number of children and age ranges with or without needs.

Families can be matched with children after their dossier is approved by DGA. After dossier approval, families can request to review a child’s file from the Priority Adoption list. We anticipate a 1-2+ year wait time to be matched. For international adoption DGA focuses on older children and sibling group adoptions.

The process of adopting from Peru is estimated to take approximately 2-3+ years and depends on a family’s openness to age range, special needs and sibling groups.

Families will travel to Peru for approximately 6-8 weeks. One spouse can return home after 4-5 weeks.  The first portion of the trip is an initial bonding period.  The remainder of the trip is completing legal procedures and the paperwork process to secure the child’s US visa. The in-country team provides translation and guide services during your in-country stay. Peru is a beautiful country with a rich cultural heritage.

About Peru

Many of Peru’s children live in poverty, which generates some of the country’s biggest issues, including children withdrawing from school to find work, the likelihood of malnourishment and the probability of being swept into life on the streets.

The Need

Due to poverty, neglect, and high birth rates, there are many children in Peru who have been abandoned or live on the streets.

How You Can Help

Lifeline seeks to partner with DGA, ministries, and the local church to advocate for the children of Peru. Lifeline works closely with the central authority to find and prepare loving forever families for the children who have been abandoned. In addition, Lifeline partners with local ministries and churches to love and care for children who have been abandoned but are not eligible for adoption.

Other Ways to Get Involved
Other Ways to Get Involved



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