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About Peru

Many of Peru’s children live in poverty, which generates some of the country’s biggest issues, including children withdrawing from school to find work, the likelihood of malnourishment and the probability of being swept into life on the streets.

The Need

Due to poverty, neglect, and high birth rates, there are many children in Peru who have been abandoned or live on the streets.

How You Can Help

Lifeline seeks to partner with DGA, ministries, and the local church to advocate for the children of Peru. Lifeline works closely with the central authority to find and prepare loving forever families for the children who have been abandoned. In addition, Lifeline partners with local ministries and churches to love and care for children who have been abandoned but are not eligible for adoption.


(un)adopted® partners with Not Forgotten in an effort seeking to take the gospel message to Peru by ministering to the needs of orphaned and vulnerable children in Iquitos, Peru, and the surrounding area. They have established a boys’ home called Las Lomas on 100 acres of land where 25 orphaned and vulnerable boys are placed through local government agencies. At Las Lomas, these boys live in a family style environment, receive a quality education, learn responsibilities and most importantly, experience the love of Christ.

What’s Happening in Peru

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Peru Financial Information

Lifeline Agency Fees: Application – $300 This non-refundable fee is due at submission of your application.  Once the application is accepted, then it will be processed by Lifeline to ensure you meet agency and country requirements.  Acceptance of the application constitutes the…

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