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About Peru

Peru is a country with a strong culture and a deep history. It has incredible landscapes and is known for many ancient settlements, such as Machu Picchu. Peru is a beautiful country with gracious hosts! However, due to poverty and high birth rates, there are many children in Peru who have been abandoned or live on the streets. Peruvian adoption is an excellent way for families to grow and to provide a child a loving home.

The Need

Due to poverty, neglect, and high birth rates, there are many children in Peru who have been abandoned or live on the streets.

How We Help

Lifeline seeks to partner with DGA, ministries, and the local church to advocate for the children of Peru. Lifeline works closely with the central authority to find and prepare loving forever families for the children who have been abandoned. In addition, Lifeline partners with local ministries and churches to love and care for children who have been abandoned but are not eligible for adoption.

What's Happening in Peru

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Family Testimonial

The Reed Family

Your emotions will be all over the map. You will not feel exactly the way you thought you would in response to circumstances and behaviors. But feelings mean very little in light of the knowledge and assurance of your calling. The same God who called you to adoption will also equip and sustain you. Press forward in love.

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The Mayes Family

Ali. Not a day has passed since she joined our family in which we have not thanked God for the blessing that this girl is in our lives. That said, the process was one of the hardest things that we have ever experienced. But now we know—truly know—that God meant for Ali to be part of our family and that the waiting, wondering, and praying were all part of His “faithfulness, provision, kindness, and goodness” to us—all part of her and our story.

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