Country: Honduras Adoption

Age Range: 2-18 years old
Sibling Groups: Yes
Medical Special Needs: minor to significant
Marriage Length: 3 years
Single Women: Yes
Expat Accepted: Yes, on a case-by-case basis
In-Country Travel: 2 trips, 9+ weeks total

We are currently seeing children up to 7 years old with moderate to significant medical needs and children 8 years or older with or without medical special needs. We also see sibling groups varying in number of children and age ranges with or without needs.

Families can be matched after their dossier is approved by DINAF. We anticipate a 3-4 or more year wait time to be matched. For international adoptions DINAF focuses on older children and sibling group adoptions.

The process of adopting from Honduras is estimated to take approximately 5 or more years.

Families will travel to Honduras on two required trips. The first trip is 5-10 days and occurs after matching for the family and child to spend intentional time bonding.  The second trip is 4-8+ weeks which includes adoption finalization and the paperwork process to secure the child’s visa to the US. The in-country team in Honduras provides translation and guide services during families stays.

About Honduras

Honduras is a country with a population of more than eight million people. The warm Honduran culture prides itself on kindness and hospitality to others. Festivals, carnivals, and other special celebrations are an important part of Honduran culture, many of which are religious in nature.  Children with and without special needs are eligible for adoption within this beautiful country. At Lifeline, we are ready to assist you in your adoption journey.

The Need

The country of Honduras is currently battling high rates of poverty, violence, and trafficking.

How You Can Help

Lifeline is working with DINAF to advocate for the safety and well-being of the children of Honduras. Lifeline is advocating for the children of Honduras by finding and preparing loving families that will be able to understand and meet their needs.

Other Ways to Get Involved
Other Ways to Get Involved



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