Empowering Children Within Your Church

Summit Church in Estero, Florida has been a long-time partner with Lifeline, believing strongly in God’s command to care for orphans and vulnerable children worldwide. When the opportunity for children to get involved in orphan care in a hands-on way, Summit Church wanted to equip the children in their church with the knowledge that they could make a huge difference.


When the idea for Stand for Orphans came to their attention, Summit Church leaders decided that this opportunity was a great way to have a real-life example of children making a difference in the world. The church invited members of Lifeline’s Florida office to put on a Stand for Orphans as a way to demonstrate one way that a stand could look.


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David Wooten, the director of Lifeline’s Florida office and an adoptive dad, teamed up with his family to make two Stand for Orphans teams, who conducted nine stands in two days over three of Summit Church’s locations. David was given time during the service to speak about Stand for Orphans and to explain its purpose of impacting vulnerable children and orphans around the world.


In the services and during the stand afterwards, the Wootens handed out flyers to families and encouraged them to use their creativity to host a Stand for Orphans, not limiting themselves to solely lemonade.


The Wootens did not ask for money but set out a donation jar for patrons to use. Throughout their time, they raised approximately $1,000 with their stands at Summit Church alone. This year, as children and families conduct their own stands, Summit Church is matching the amount raised


What David loves most about this time is that they were able to “help kids realize that they are never too young to be involved in missions and caring for orphans and can even do it without leaving their neighborhood.”


He says of Stand for Orphans, “Stand for Orphans is a great way for churches to engage their kids in international missions, in caring for orphans, and advancing God’s kingdom.”


Everyone can make a difference in the life of children, including other children! Encouraging and partnering with the children in your church for Stand for Orphans is a concrete way to teach these children about orphan care. Consider the following ways to partner with the children in your church:

  • Inviting families to partner together for a Stand at your family day during your VBS or after weekend services.
  • Give a little boost by matching the amount raised from Stand for Orphans in your church.
  • Show a Stand for Orphan video and give information during your services.
  • Consider your community’s specific needs and organization. Partner with your families to meet a need or make a creative stand that works with your community.


Be sure to check out these other tips for a successful Stand for Orphans as you register for your FREE stand resources!