Change One Life- Foster Care

At Lifeline, we place immense value on the family unit because it is God’s design for children to grow and flourish as part of a family. Through Foster Care, we equip and empower families to minister to the physical, spiritual, and emotional needs of a child and his or her birth family.  

One of our foster families received their foster care license and excitedly accepted a placement of two children whose parents didn’t speak English. In spite of the language barrier, the family built a trusting relationship with the biological parents as well as with the children. The foster family became strong advocates for them and the experiences they were walking through. When the children were able to go home and reunify with their parents, the foster family was there to witness. The two families still maintain a relationship with each other, and the foster family has had opportunities to share the gospel with both the children and the biological parents.  

Because of the hope of the gospel and the faithfulness of the foster family, their lives were all changed. You can be a part of changing more lives through foster care. Donate today to Change One Life.