A Present Legacy

When adoption or foster care touches friends and family, it sheds light on the needs of vulnerable children around the world and the opportunity to be part of bringing gospel hope into their lives. As a result, some of Lifeline’s most significant partners are grandparents who have been touched by adoption. One such grandmother is a woman that we will call Barb.

Barb’s story began when her daughter and son-in-law first decided to adopt a child from China. As the process progressed, this grandmother’s heart was opened to the connection between adoption and the gospel. She explains, “I became aware of how adoption was a mirror of the redemption we have received by becoming adopted into the family of our Creator. I realized how much this is the essence of Christianity: caring for the helpless and… gladly doing what the Father describes in James 1:27 as pure religion. . .”

She traveled with her daughter for two adoptions in China and was able to witness real-life needs on the faces of numerous children she encountered. With her eyes opened to the needs of vulnerable children and first-hand experience seeing the difference a family can make in their lives, this grandmother knows what it’s like to invest in the lives of others. Barb understands that she is leaving a legacy by pouring herself into her children and grandchildren, but she wants to do even more. In response to how the Lord has worked in her family through adoption, this Lifeline grandmother wished to invest in the lives of other children through giving monthly to the ministry of Lifeline. Barb’s financial contribution helps to make grants available to adopting families. Just like Barb, your monthly gift of any size makes an immediate difference for vulnerable children here and around the world. With your gift, Lifeline will continue to be able to reach children who need to hear and see the hope of the gospel.

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