Hope Schlossman, LBSW

Kansas Social Worker

Lea Anne Parker, LGSW

Vice President of Social Services

Mary Beth Bragg, LBSW

Tennessee Social Worker & Pregnancy Counselor

Josh Caldwell

Assistant Director of International Programs

Dave Wood

Vice President of International Programs

Sasha Iakubenko

Manager Eurasian Operations

Taylor Guinn

Adoption Specialist I

Katie Lynn McKinney

China Program Administrative Assistant

Megan Davis, MS, LBSW

International Social Worker & Post Adoption Coordinator

Annie Hamlin

International Adoption Specialist II

Claire Davis

Alabama International Social Worker

Megan Word, LMSW

Kansas State Supervisor/Caseworker

Lauren Preston

Costa Rica Program Coordinator

Carol Anne Jarboe

Kentucky Social Worker

Morgan Grubb

Haiti Program Coordinator

Marcy Larson

Assistant to the VP of International Programs

Sarah Pullen, MS, MFTI

South Carolina Caseworker

Kim Evans, LGSW

Post Adoption Social Worker

Tori Peele, LGSW

Alabama Social Worker

Regina Maiden, LGSW

Post Adoption Coordinator

Rachel Goetz, LGSW

Eurasia Program Coordinator

Maggie Spiller

Alabama International Social Worker/Taiwan Program Coordinator

Meredith Crawford

Adoption Specialist I

Lauren Taylor

Administrative Assistant-China Program

Mallorie Edwards

Post Adoption Administrative Assistant

Sherry Starling, LBSW

Central Alabama Case Worker

Michelle Barrett

Tennessee State Director

Brittany Thurmond, MSW

Georgia Social Worker

Meredith Campbell

Haiti, India, Africa, Taiwan & Hong Kong Program Director

Sarah Privett, LGSW

Alabama International Social Worker

Libby Daugherty, MSW

Georgia International Social Worker

Karla Thrasher, LBSW

China Program Director

Lesley Matheson

Florida Casework Supervisor

Lisa Kelly

Kansas & Missouri State Director/ Adoption Specialist II

Katie Sheffield, M.S.

Florida Social Worker

Rachel Snell, LGSW

State Social Work Supervisor

Levacy Smith, CMSW

North Carolina State Director

Allison Reeves

Washington State Director

Taylor Mauldin

Georgia Case Worker

Anna Marie Cole

Georgia Case Worker

Meagan Smith, LBSW

Alabama International Social Worker

Vicki Whitlock

Mississippi Social Worker

Lynn Beckett, LBSW

Post Adoption Coordinator

Angie Blackwell, LGSW

Post Adoption Supervisor

Emily Fulkerson, LBSW

Alabama International Social Worker

Casey Voorhees, LGSW

SC Program Manager& MS Supervisor

Logan Gibbons

International Adoption Specialist II

Jana Lombardo, LBSW

Eurasia Program Director

Beth Stanley, LGSW

Latin America Program Director

Whitney White, MEd, APC, NCC, DCC

International Education Counselor

Anna Pawley, LGSW

Alabama International Social Worker

Ashley Yeager, LICSW

Crossings Therapist