Made in His Image. Made Worthy by His Sacrifice.

A Church Mentorship Program for Women Who Have Experienced Unexpected Pregnancies

The Worthy Mentor Program is designed to connect local churches with women who have experienced unexpected pregnancy. Some of these women may be walking through pregnancy and considering their options, while others may be healing from abortion. Using a holistic model of care, Worthy church partners offer loving support through one-on-one mentoring relationships that are guided by a 10-week, biblical study.

How It Works

Church partners will select a Worthy Coordinator, who will assume oversight of mentors from within her church and work with local Pregnancy Resource Centers (PRCs) to identify women in need of mentorship. Mentorship will be between two women – a trained mentor with a heart for sharing the love of Jesus, and a woman who has experienced unexpected pregnancy. As part of the mentorship, they will journey together through a 10-week study that includes topics such as Value, Identity, Grief, and Hope, and learn more about the Person of Jesus Christ and the good news of His gospel. Partner churches can also create a mentor cohort that will bring multiple women and their mentors together at different points throughout the study. Both options provide a way for women to connect and local churches to develop lasting relationships with vulnerable women in their communities. 

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Virtual Mentor Training

Lifeline will provide virtual mentor training class and access to order the Worthy mentor and mentee workbooks.

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Find and connect with your local Pregnancy Resource Center and tell them about Worthy.

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Worthy is a free program! The Leadership Training Videos and Lifeline support are free. We simply ask that you purchase a Mentor Workbook for yourself, which contains all of your mentorship sessions, and a Mentee Workbook for your mentee that accompanies and complements your Mentor Workbook. Each workbook is $7. 

Worthy Mentors complete a short video training series before being paired with their mentee. We ask Worthy Mentors to commit at least one hour in person with their mentee for ten weeks in order to complete the full workbook.

Church coordinators will pair mentors with mentees in coordination with their local pregnancy resource center leadership. As mentees sign up at the PRC, PRC leadership will contact coordinators to request a mentor.

Please feel free to let your mentee know you will get some answers and get back to them. Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].

As with any relationship, the mentor – mentee relationship is beautiful and sometimes complex. It’s important that you are available to help your mentee in their current circumstances but also create appropriate boundaries that ensure independence and self-sufficiency. We walk through some of this in the training and would be happy to help walk you and your mentee through whatever is needed. Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].

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