Behavior 101

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Nutrition and the Vulnerable Child

WHY NUTRITION MATTERS: A healthy diet is an important factor for everyone. When we eat properly, we give our bodies the nutrients it needs to feel our best. For a


Self-Harm is a term that may cause foster or adoptive parents’ anxiety level to go up. We hope this information will better equip you as a parent to feel pre-pared

CEU: Attachment, Trauma, and the Brain

In this training will we will discuss the topic of attachment, trauma, and the brain. We will identify how trauma directly effects a child development, how the brain processes trauma,

Food Anxiety

FOOD ANXIETY Most of us eat at least three meals a day but if you are like me, there are multiple snacks in between.  That’s a lot of time spent


SLEEP Sleepless in Seattle?  Birmingham?  Charleston?  San Antonio?   Sleep disturbances are one of the most common challenges for a child transitioning to a new home.  Causes for sleep disturbances can

Sleep Issues

Sleep disturbances are one of the most common challenges for families adopting internationally. It is important to remember your child’s traumatic history and how this can inhibit your child’s sleeping

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