Infertility, Grief, and Parenthood

Infertility, Grief, and Parenthood  By Jenny Riddle, with Traci Newell  Sitting on a stool in front of a large group of potential adoptive parents, she felt inexperienced and inadequate, but

Behavior 101

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Discipling Children from Trauma Backgrounds

Compiled by Jenny Riddle, with contributions from Traci Newell and Mark Sly When children enter homes from traumatic backgrounds, their lives have already been shaped by circumstances that make brokenness

CEU: Grief and Loss in Foster Care

All parties involved in foster care can experience grief, and many times, grieving behaviors in children are misunderstood. This webinar explores predictable stages of childhood development and how children in


Why is loss so powerful? When we are separated from something or someone to which we are attached, what emotions do we feel? Perhaps anger, confusion, and sadness. The key

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