Camp Empower Recap

We had the best time at Camp Empower Birmingham! This week, kids were encouraged, parents were equipped, and families were empowered. The help of wonderful volunteers made it a successful week. In their nurture groups, campers learned self-regulating behaviors and used breathing…

Back-to-School Roundup

You may have your school supply list purchased, or you may not be ready to think about pre-sharpened pencils and notebooks yet. No matter which of these two categories you fall into, we want to help you feel confident as you begin…

Moving Tips for Adoptive Families

Remember Past Loss The experience of moving to a new home, town, or state can be very challenging for children of all ages. This difficulty is particularly true if children are part of your family through international, domestic, or foster care adoptions….

Can I “Fix” My Child’s Learning Differences

By Ann Maura Hinton, Lifeline Education Specialist   The words “back to school” can evoke strong feelings in both parents and children. Parents and students may feel excitement or relief to get back to the routine of school, but they may also feel an impending sense of dread and frustration.   As a teacher, I…

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