Can I “Fix” My Child’s Learning Differences

By Ann Maura Hinton, Lifeline Education Specialist   The words “back to school” can evoke strong feelings in both parents and children. Parents and students may feel excitement or relief to get back to the routine of school, but they may also feel an impending sense of dread and frustration.   As a teacher, I…

CEU: FASD-Exploring the Spectrum and the Impact on Foster and Adoptive Families

Join us as we highlight Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD). In the U.S. 1 out of 25 people will experience (FASD). Join us as we highlight the details of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. We will also discuss the effects of alcohol consumption…

CEU: Attachment, Trauma, and the Brain

In this training will we will discuss the topic of attachment, trauma, and the brain. We will identify how trauma directly effects a child development, how the brain processes trauma, and how to support a child that is experiencing trauma and attachment…

CEU: Trauma Informed Parenting – Trauma And The Brain

Being able to identify trauma within a child is a key component in a child’s development. We will also emphasize the structure of the brain, triggers within the brain, signs and symptoms of trauma, how trauma develops over time, and risk factors….

The Hike: Adopting a Child with Down Syndrome

Scott and his wife, Haley, adopted Eden from China as an aging out child with Down Syndrome. Listen to his story about how God calmed his heart about adopting a child with different abilities and then amazed him with the value and…

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