Camp Empower 2023

Camp Empower 2023 was an amazing experience for our campers in four different states and two different countries- Columbia, South America, Kentucky, Georgia, Alabama, and North Carolina! This summer, kids

Building Bridges

“Education is a matter of building bridges.” Ralph Ellison Recently, one of our Bridge tutors spent some time with a fifteen-year-old girl with Down Syndrome who with tears streaming down

Educational Tip for at Home: Sensory Development

At the outset of the COVID-19 outbreak, Herbie Newell, president and executive director of Lifeline Children’s Services, gave the Lifeline team the challenge to be a “good neighbor” and pray

Educational Tip for at Home: Motor Development

As we all begin to settle into a new rhythm of life for a while, a discussion has been taking place at Lifeline Children’s Services. In all that we do,

Bridging Hope for Children with Learning Differences

On the August 28th edition of The Defender Podcast, guests Ann Maura Hinton and Rick Morton joined Herbie Newell to discuss advocating for children in the education system. Ann Maura

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