Moving Tips for Adoptive Families

Remember Past Loss The experience of moving to a new home, town, or state can be very challenging for children of all ages. This difficulty is particularly true if children are part of your family through international, domestic, or foster care adoptions….

Behavior 101

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Words of Encouragement for Dads

Mark Sly serves as the (un)adopted Regional Coordinator for Africa and Eurasia. He is the father of three children and on youth ministry staff for nine years before coming to Lifeline. Parenting. Fatherhood. For Mark Sly, those two words initially wrought fear…

Building Bridges

“Education is a matter of building bridges.” Ralph Ellison Recently, one of our Bridge tutors spent some time with a fifteen-year-old girl with Down Syndrome who with tears streaming down her face, asked why she had to been born different? We have…

‘Essence of Adolescents’

“Ugh, teenagers!” “Teens just go brain dead for a little while and then come back.” “It’s all the raging hormones — they act crazy!” “If we can just get through these years, we will be ok.” In the book Brainstorm, Daniel L….

Post-Holiday Transitions

Children, especially those from trauma backgrounds, tend to find stability and safety in structured, predictable environments. Those two words are not typically used to describe holidays or winter breaks. Additionally, holiday breaks are short in nature, so the transitions are swift and…

Response to the Unexpected: Behaviors

  In Birmingham, Ala., spring is in the air (and so is coronavirus disease 2019). Our daffodils are blooming, the azaleas are budding. It is the time of year we should all be out enjoying baseball and picnics and the beginning of…

Nutrition and the Vulnerable Child

WHY NUTRITION MATTERS: A healthy diet is an important factor for everyone. When we eat properly, we give our bodies the nutrients it needs to feel our best. For a child coming from trauma, proper nutrition proves to be even more significant….


Stealing can be a sensitive subject for many of us, especially when there is a strong emphasis on the value of working hard in our culture. When something that belongs to us is stolen, it evokes a strong response. Sometimes this is…


Self-Harm is a term that may cause foster or adoptive parents’ anxiety level to go up. We hope this information will better equip you as a parent to feel pre-pared and capable to respond appropriately to this behavior. Let’s begin by de-fining…

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