Words of Encouragement for Dads

Mark Sly serves as the (un)adopted Regional Coordinator for Africa and Eurasia. He is the father of three children and on youth ministry staff for nine years before coming to

National Foster Care Month: Opening the Doors of Conversation about Birth Families

Compiled by Jenny Riddle with Traci Newell, LBSW, TBRI® Practitioner, Education Specialist & National Program Director for Families Count For foster parents, talking with children in their care about their

‘Essence of Adolescents’

“Ugh, teenagers!” “Teens just go brain dead for a little while and then come back.” “It’s all the raging hormones — they act crazy!” “If we can just get through

CEU: Attachment, Trauma, and the Brain

In this training will we will discuss the topic of attachment, trauma, and the brain. We will identify how trauma directly effects a child development, how the brain processes trauma,

Indiscriminate Affection

    We have all seen it. We have all been there. We are at a social gathering, usually a pot luck dinner at church, when that cute and adorable

Siblings: Promoting Attachments

SIBLINGS:  PROMOTING ATTACHMENTS A strong emphasis is placed on parents attaching to their new child, but it is equally important for all family members to become connected. Now that you

Your Child’s Love Languages

L-O-V-E February is the month of Love.  We begin to see Hearts and Cupids wherever we go.  Those icons can serve as reminders to us of the importance of  loving

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