The Stevens Family

The Stevens family, from Mississippi, know they “have received the richest blessings through adoption.” The couple first discussed the possibility of adoption early into dating, and they both felt confident they would grow their family through adoption in the future. Two years into their marriage, they joined with Lifeline to pursue their future child. To them, what stood out about Lifeline was the “goal to bring children into Christian families.” The Stevens family brought home their seven-year-old son Alek a year and a half later. 

It has now been six years since they brought home Alek. He has become a big brother three times since that day, and the family knows “only the Lord could orchestrate such a thing.” The Stevens family feel grateful that for Alek’s life, the impact has been that, “the diligent work of Lifeline both domestically and around the world has not only brought the fatherless a home but brought them the gospel.”  

No matter how many years continue to pass, the Stevens family say, “we will never get over the fact that the Lord has allowed us to partake of this richness, to personally see the unmistakable beauty of the gospel through adoption.” The whole family reflects, “adoption has changed our lives forever.”