The Power of Play

We are very grateful for the vision of Lifeline Children’s Services to support adoptive families after their adoptions through the growth of their counseling services.

We would encourage all who would partner financially with Lifeline to view this area as an extremely vital part of helping, equipping, and encouraging both the children and parents that Lifeline serves.

On a personal note, we found ourselves in a place where we needed practical, hands-on help with attachment issues in our second adoption. While we had read plenty, we were in need of seeing much of what we read and understood be put into action. During our 1-year post-adoption visit, our social worker suggested that we consider pursuing some therapy called Theraplay. How relieved and thrilled we were to learn that this therapist was at Lifeline and that it wasn’t going to break the bank!  When children need various medical and emotional help upon coming home, having affordable interventions available is a God-send!

Through playful sessions with our child, we watched the therapist masterfully navigate the emotional intricacies of our child.  In addition to the gains made during the sessions at Lifeline, we were being equipped to continue many of these activities ourselves at home.  “Secure attachment” went from being a hoped-for to a result.  In fact, the benefits were so significant that our eyes were opened to seeing the need to add sessions for our previously-adopted child. One component of Theraplay which may not be immediately obvious was the parent “check-in” sessions.  They afforded us the opportunity to meet privately with the therapist, review video footage of the sessions, and chart the course forward.  Often, just being able to share and talk through issues brought us the needed relief and strength to press on!

Lifeline’s efforts to come alongside children and families in their times of weakness and needs is such a blessing. We are forever grateful!

A Lifeline Family

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