The Norman Family

The Norman family, from Georgia, have “always shared a common heart for the nations.” Prior to getting married and adopting their son Joshua, they were both involved in international missions, serving refugee families, and developing relationships with people all over the world. Early in their marriage, they “felt God leading us to grow our family both biologically and through international adoption.”  

Through the relationship they formed with Lifeline, the Normans were, “equipped to say yes to serve the vulnerable” through numerous Lifeline ministries, including international adoption, (un)adopted child sponsorships, Families Count, and the Colombia hosting program. The family reflects on these experiences by saying, “we’re continually amazed by the way God has taken our small ‘yes’ each time and created huge blessings for others as well as our own family.”  

Their son Joshua has now been home through international adoption for four years. Joshua’s life is “a daily reminder of God’s heart for the nations” for the Normans. The Norman family has now answered the call to pursue their second adoption in India, and they, “can’t wait to meet this sweet child who God has chosen for our family.”  

The Norman family encourages others to partner with Lifeline and say “yes” to caring for the vulnerable. The family “love Lifeline for providing believers with so many ways to say ‘yes’”. They want to know, “how will you say ‘yes’”?