John Thrasher

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Kendal Robinett

Hi! My name is Kendal Moriah Robinett! I am an Adoption Specialist here at Lifeline for the India team (I was hired on in May of 2023)! I graduated with

Caroline Rives

Hey! My name is Caroline Rives. I’m from Fairhope, AL and now reside in Birmingham, AL with my husband Colby and our dog Obi! I just joined the India International

Amy Montgomery

I’m Amy Montgomery and I live in Birmingham, Alabama. I joined the Lifeline April 2023 and I serve as the Administrative Assistant for the Latin American Team. I attended Auburn University and graduated

Bethany LaTurno

Hello! I am Bethany LaTurno, and I am from Tulsa, Oklahoma. I am now residing in Birmingham, AL. I am an Adoption Specialist for Latin America. I graduated from Ouachita

Hannah Marsh

Hi! My name is Hannah Marsh. I am from Birmingham Alabama, and have always lived in or around Birmingham. I joined Lifeline staff on the Asia team in May 2023.

Chris Amaro

Chris Amaro joined Lifeline in April of 2023 in the role of Technology Director. Chris is a native of Birmingham, Alabama and studied Information Systems at Auburn University. Chris’s passions

Anna Kay

My name is Anna Kay and I am from Pell City, AL. I joined the Domestic Team as the administrative assistant in March of 2023, and I am so excited

Gracie Day

My name is Gracie Day. I am originally from San Antonio, Texas, and now reside in Birmingham, Alabama. I have been on staff since February 2023. At Lifeline, I work

Amber Corey

Amber Corey has been with Lifeline since January 2023. Originally from Birmingham, AL, Amber serves as the (un)Adopted Administrative Coordinator. She has a bachelor’s degree in Marketing/International Business from UAB

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